NYPD Spy on Muslim Americans in Newark

In what appears more like a plot twist in a film thriller, it appears that the New York City Police Department has been conducting a spy investigation of Muslim Americans in Newark, New Jersey.

The department’s Demographics Unit has been conducting the operation for the past four years keeping tabs on Muslim mosques and businesses. Newark Mayor Corey Booker has denied having any knowledge of the intrusive activity. Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio emphatically denied any participation of his department saying,

“We really want to be clear: This type of activity is not what the Newark PD would ever do.”

A 60 page report gathered from the investigation showed no terrorist-related activity.

Reactions to the investigation ranged from anger to betrayal.

Muslims in the community say they feel that their rights as Americans are being stripped. Instead of opening lines of communication, police are simply keeping tabs on them.

Newark authorities have distanced themselves from total blame, but the community wants some resolution, as they processes what they view as an invasion and betrayal.

Emmanuel Altenor is a freelance journalist and author with interests in historical studies, current events, and pop culture. He divides his time between his pursuit of a Masters degree and his passion of the written word. Emmanuel’s writings include news stories of various topics, poetry, short stories, reviews and interviews.