Spoiled and Privileged George Huguely V Gets Off Easy with Second-Degree!

George W. Huguely V clearly should have been convicted of first degree murder, but instead was guilty of second degree murder, according to the jury. Moreover, since he stole Yeardley’s laptop, while she lay bleeding and dying, the added charge of murder while in the commission of felony robbery should have been rendered. 26 years in prison is easy time for this cold-blooded killer.

George tells the police he was shocked in learning Yeardley had died, when in fact she had suffered 20 to 25 contusions on her face and body. The hole in Love’s bedroom door, which was locked, tells the tale of forced entry, where GH reaches through the hole and unlocks the door in order to commit a series of felonies, then ultimately premeditated homicide. There is enough evidence!

yeardley love collage
yeardley love collage

I suspect the massive amounts of alcohol consumed by the Fifth on that black day in May, very close to a perceived (by college youth) apocalyptic, impending graduation day, was a mitigating factor in the minds of this Virginia jury. Apparently, hyper- intoxication can be used in the State of Virginia as a viable argument for the defense. Faring from Texas (as I do), I’m not entirely clear on how this ‘drunken defense’ works in Virginia.

The argument for a loss of control of ones’ faculties and judgment is a convenient way of wiggling out of responsibility for our actions. George chose to put the bottle (or can, or flask) up to his mouth repeatedly and he gladly let the liquor or beer roll down his throat and into his stomach. ‘He didn’t have time for the pain!’

Gradually, he got drunker and drunker as May 2, 2010 passes by! Playing golf with his Dad in the morning may have triggered his drinking, where he pouts to a roommate his disappointment regarding his Dad’s graduation gift. As immature and rotten-to-the-core spoiled as George is (was), no worldly goods can satisfy his greed and irrational sense of entitlement and privilege. ‘I’m better than others! I don’t need their rules!’

One imagines his thoughts turned green with jealousy, as he plays golf with his Dad and some of his lacrosse compatriots; pipedreams of Yeardley making love with an out-of-state lacrosse player who she had recently started dating. He may have been thinking of breaking into her apartment that day as he was playing golf. This can’t be proven now, but circumstantial evidence suggests its likeliness, such as the door hole and the crazy emails.

yeardley love apartment
Yeardley Love’s apartment

The final sentencing will come on April 16th, when Circuit Judge Edward Hogshire will either finalize the sentence of 26 years, or possibly alter it slightly, hopefully in the direction of more severity, since this lighter sentence will put # V back on the streets by the age of 50. This second-degree murder conviction sends out a bad signal to the American people, and is especially a blemish on the University of Virginia, which has been characterized as a citadel of drunkenness, wrapped in a protective shield of privilege.

For women who are victims of domestic abuse across our country, this limp verdict is a devastating defeat for their rights. Abusers will see it as a victory, thinking they can get off lightly if they kill their spouse when charged up with too much liquor. Judge Hogshire needs to extend the sentence to 40 years in order to save face. We demand it and we recommend this squirrelly monster remain behind steel bars. Maybe he’ll sober up?

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