New US Sponsored Resolution Protects Freedom of Assembly and Association

With its commitment in the promotion and protecting hman rights, US Secretary Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that the UN Human Rights Council recognized the critical importance of the freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

In her remarks at DC, Ms. Clinton says the U.S. sponsored resolution reaffirms a basic truth: civil society plays a central role in promoting and protecting the enjoyment of human rights.

She pointed out that civil society can only serve the common good when the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association are protected.

Joseph Deiss (centre), President of the sixtyfifth session of the General Assembly, meets with members of the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Civil Society Task Force. UN Photo

“Progress in the 21st century depends on the ability of individuals and organizations to come together around shared goals; harness the power of their convictions; and make societies more productive, transparent and accountable.” -Ms. Clinton

She cites that over the last 18 months, the world has seen governments constrict civil society activism and increase their attacks against civic-minded organizations and individuals. These crackdowns mark a disturbing trend that requires global leadership.

Ms. Clinton stresses that the United States was proud to work with fellow Core Group members like the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Lithuania, the Maldives, Mexico, and Nigeria to advance this important and timely resolution.

“We thank them for their leadership and unflagging effort.” -Ms. Clinton

In addition, Ms. Clinton says the United States was also proud to stand with 15 countries and two foundations that have joined us in supporting Lifeline, a rapid-response assistance mechanism for embattled NGOs that puts the principles endorsed by the resolution into action.

“This resolution, and the Lifeline fund, shows that we have many partners around the world alarmed by these recent trends who are willing to support peaceful assembly and association.” -Ms. Clinton

She says this is a critical moment to redouble our efforts to stand with civil society in the pursuit of democratic progress.

In May 2012, recognizing the civil society’s vital role in the 21st century, the United States of America underlined that it is committed to support the embattled civil society groups around the world.

Some civil societies emerged from those quiet places where they had been operating for years and others formed overnight as a great result of social media connections.

In the United States, civil society does the work that touches on every part of individual’s life.

Under Tomicah’s leadership, the United States has spent the past year consulting with civil society groups through the Strategic Dialogue and US working groups, asking for ideas about what US government can do more effectively, looking for more opportunities to collaborate.

The United States knows too that in the face of an upsurging civil society, some governments have responded by cracking down harder than ever.

The United States is pushing back against this trend. The US government has provided political and financial support for embattled civil society groups around the world.

US posts in every region of the globe work with faith-based organizations and religious communities to bolster democracies, protect human rights, and respond to the humanitarian need of citizens, Ms. Clinton reported.

In addition, the United States will continue engaging with you to identify new ideas and opportunities.

The United States is a strong supporter of civil society around the world. Civil society activists and organizations work to improve the quality of people’s lives, solve community problems, protect their rights, hold leaders accountable to their constituents, shine light on abuses in both the public and private sectors, and advance the rule of law and social justice. They are key partners for progress.

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