‘Rocky’ The Grizzly Bear Subject of Hearing in Sacramento

Rocky the Grizzly Bear CONTROVERSIAL ACCIDENT THAT KILLED TRAINER OVER 4 YEARS AGO in California Mountain Compound is Subject of Hearing in Sacramento 10/3

Rocky, a nine year old docile and well trained Grizzly Bear, seen by millions in many motion pictures and TV shows and commercials, and his owner Trainer Randy Miller of Predators in Action fame, will be subject to a hearing by the California Fish & Game Commission October 3rd.

The Hearing will determine if Rocky will be able to work again in the state of California, where most of work is available. Current restrictions on his permit prevent him from being exhibited in California since the unfortunate accident with the death of Stephan Miller on April 22, 2008 which was reported by you and other international news outlets.

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Predators in Action

Only the State of California has restricted Rocky from working. Even OSHA , USDA has no restrictions for Rocky to work in the rest of the country.

Multiple animal trainers and experts have written testimony that Rocky is in no way aggressive, and can work safely again.

Rocky is the concern for millions of motion picture and TV fans as well as those who are concerned for the animals safety. He is almost human like in reactions with trainer and fans. He has been immortalized in film and TV productions including “Semi-Pro” with Will Ferrell, four National Geographic specials, “The Unknown,” “Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels,” multiple Japanese TV episodes, and Belgium’s “Amongst Animals.” Rocky has his own Fan Club and Facebook Pages. An international petition to release him has the support of hundreds of thousands (Care2).

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Rocky and trainer/owner Randy Miller have a tender moment

Randy Miller and his Predator’s in Action, is one of the most state-of-the-art training and living facilities in the United States. The tigers in “Gladiator” with Russel Crowe in 2000, were one of the highlights of Miller’s career. His training techniques and love for his lions and tigers and bears-wolves, mountain lions and many other wild species are open to any for public review.

Predators in Action has standby plans in action if the restrictions are lifted, including new safety procedures-Rocky not trained to wrestle- clicker trained, and insurance updates all in order. ” Rocky continues to show affection towards trainers, no aggression to anyone and still enjoys his training and seeks to learn new things,” says Randy Miller .

Randy Miller’s Predators in Action is a 30 year experienced company. Besides their work on “Gladiator” he has provided animals and training for Tom Cruise’s “Last Samurai,” “Transformers 2,” and hundreds of TV shows and commercials. Miller was the winner at the ABC Network’s World Stunt Awards in 2001 winning the statute for Best Work With Animals category-presented to him by Alec Baldwin and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

ROCKY THE BEAR FAN PAGE www.facebook.com/RockyTheBear

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