New Report Details What It Takes To Promote Property in 2019

If you were starting a business and wanted to build up a client base, what would your first port of call be? You’d immediately start focusing on your marketing campaign. So why should selling your house be any different?

The problem with the way most people sell their properties, is that they don’t treat it like the business transaction it is – they pay an estate agent to do the very basic work for them and expect the house to sell in no time. It would be nice if this was the case, but unfortunately as with most things, the reality is the more work you put in, the more successful a sale you’ll get. If you’re selling a property and you’re struggling a little, then here are the best ways of promoting your property to ensure a sale.

Apply and Pay for an Online Listing

Think about the way of the world now, and just how much of our business communications are performed by using the internet. Now think about the property world and the evolution of businesses such as When you think about it like that, it doesn’t make sense not to get an online listing.

There are all sorts of online estate agents and listing tools readily available for use at your disposal now – all it takes is a little internet searching. On these websites, there are usually a variety of different packages to choose from, but to generalise it you’ve got standard and premium. Of course, paying for a premium listing is likely to cost you a little more, however if you’re really serious about the promotion and successful sale of your house, then it the extra cost can be worth it. Having a premium listing sets your property apart from the rest, and is therefore likely to help it to attract more attention.

One of the key things to remember when using these tools is to ensure your pictures are HD and do your house as much justice as possible. Small details like good lighting, fresh flowers and a set dining table can be the different between attracting the attention of potential buyers, and not.

Share it on a Personal Blog or Website

Do you have an online blog that you update regularly, and have followers for? It doesn’t matter whether it’s Tumblr or WordPress you’re using – use your blog to get the face of your property out there in the public domain!

Of course when advertising on such a public forum, it’s best to exercise caution, however there’s no harm in a little bit of promotion. You never know who might be looking on your blog – it could be someone looking for a property like yours, or they may know someone who is. Sometimes word of mouth is the best way of getting things going, and it’s a good way of getting it out onto the blogsphere.

Share it on Facebook

Did you hear about the woman who sold her house (or attempted to) using Facebook? No, this isn’t a bad joke, she literally did.

Instead of arranging viewings for potential buyers, she instead live streamed a feed onto her Facebook of her showing people around the property, and urged potential buyers who were interested to direct message her their offers.

Now, we’re in no way encouraging that – it doesn’t need to be said that it comes with a wealth of privacy and safety hazards – but it just goes to show what Facebook can do nowadays. Used correctly, it’s an extremely powerful tool, so why not make the most of it? Share your listing for free with your friends, and encourage them to share it with their friends too!

There are even forums made on Facebook specifically for this purpose. Whether they’re forums for a specific local area or simply about house sales, it doesn’t matter. Get your property out there!

Create a Video of the Property

Okay, so we’ve talked about getting good pictures of your property for listing websites – but how about getting a good video?

Last of all, but certainly not least, go one step further on a listing site and upload an HD video showing each room. All of the same principles apply when it comes to making your home look its best, but this gives potential buyers a more interactive initial viewing of your house. It helps to eliminate the time wasters, encourage the serious candidates, and also saves time and hassle.

Melissa Thompson
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