Updated for 2019: New Report on Keeping Dogs Warm During Winter Months

As winter rapidly approaches consumers might notice that their dog starts to curl up to stay warm. Smaller dog breeds and short haired ones especially have a hard time and will even shiver in cold weather. In this guide we will go over the top 3 pet apparel products to keep your dog warm this winter.

Dog Sweaters

Dog sweaters have become a popular dog fashion accessory within the recent years. While some dog owners will think that it isn’t a necessity a sweater will help them retain heat and look stylish while doing so. This will keep your dog warm without any movement restrictions since most sweaters are made with a cotton blend. This will let them wear a sweater for longer periods of time rather than a dog jacket.

Dog sweaters are also easier to wash and are arguably easier to take off than their jacket companions. Regardless of your dogs breed its important that you monitor your dog for signs of overheating, panting and trying to remove the sweater. Comfort is important when owning a dog sweater so add a half an inch when sizing your dog for a sweater. This will prevent it from being too tight which will cause agitation and a possibly of heat exhaustion.

Dog Beds

While there are a variety of dog beds heated beds have taken the market by storm. These types of beds are great for older dogs who have issues maintaining body heat. While dog mats are great for the summer months having a circular dog bed will help your dog maintain their core temperature during the winter months.

It’s important to monitor your dog’s sleep habits. If they sleep sprawled out on the floor a rectangular bed might be a better fit for them. Circular beds are for dogs who sleep curled up and rounded beds are for the in between. A wool or cotton blend bed will help your dog maintain their body temperature on those frigid nights.

Dog Shoes & Boots

Dog boots are extremely effective when taking them for a walk on a snow day. Since small breeds aren’t well equipped to handle the below freezing temperatures dog boots are a necessity. Since ice crystals can form in between their toes while they walk it can cause frostbite. Dog boots also prevent chemical burns from salt and deicers that covers the sidewalk.

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