New Religion Claims ‘Marijuana Cures Racism’

Controversial author and religious leader Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad has told NewsBlaze that his new religion, The Religion of Power encourages its followers to smoke marijuana. Muhammad says that it is the only way that the power of this religion will take effect, because to make a black person believe has to be done “medically.”

Many may know by now that this religion teaches that black people are lucky and that they should test their faith by gambling.

But to be critical, could getting high and gambling as this religion encourages only throw blacks further into financial hardship?

“Holy Cannabis Make Them Believe”

weed cropped

Nevertheless Muhammad believes that marijuana is a god-given medicine plant that creates a sense of possibility in the user. And then one would add the teachings of this religion in the mix – which is meant to boost self-esteem. And Muhammad says that this holy combination will then give a black person the sense of being lucky.

Although this religion believes that black people are inherently lucky, Muhammad says that black people WILL NOT believe that they are lucky until they are “induced” into believing it.

One could say that Muhammad has adopted the Rasta religion which also encourages the use of marijuana as a religious practice. But as the Rasta’s only purpose for using marijuana is for meditation, Muhammad’s religion uses it to create belief in self.

Is Marijuana A Cure For Racism?

But one could wonder is this a false sense of belief that marijuana creates, or is it the only way a people damned by 400 years of racism can come to believe that they are in fact lucky to be the color that they are?

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