Nazi Saluting Racist Gets Home at Texas AM University

It was a dark day for Texas AM University in Station Island, Texas, where TAMU President Michael K. Young foolishly let invited white nationalist Richard Spencer lecture on Texas AM University campus.

Nazis in Germany.
Nazis in Germany.

Spencer, known for a recent white nationalist rally in which he led a large group – including the idiot Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen – better known as Tila Tequila – to give the Nazi Salute, reportedly was invited to spread his hate on campus by a former student. The University President pathetically obliged, reportedly claiming that they had to let him speak and were supporting freedom of speech.

TAMU President Michael K. Young Gives Voice to Nazis

Nazi website Daily Stormer posted on their site on December 5th 2016 regarding the event, “On December 6th, Texas Bros Must Come to Back Up Neo-Nazi Leader Spencer in Texas!” – Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer. The article continues stating, “tomorrow is that big day. The start of Richard Spencer’s Nazi-oriented college tour.”

Thousands Protest – Student Dies

Unknown thousands across the country e-mailed, called, and protested the event. I personally called the office of Michael K. Young warning him through his secretary that hosting a Nazi to lecture at their school would drag down Texas AM University, and could even lead to violence. Ironically, at least one student was found dead at Texas AM University today, although it appears that the death may be drug or alcohol related – something not new to TAMU, with hazing, etc.

Texas AM University and Hitler

Texas AM University, known for their genetic experimentation on animals including cloning a cat, would have favor with Hitler. After all, Hitler’s Nazi psychiatrists engaged in genetic experimentation, and their admiration to the mass murderer was of course, demonstrated by the “Nazi Salute.” As of today, that salute will forever be associated with Texas AM University thanks to the downfall of the administrations bad judgement in letting Nazi website Daily Stormer’s hero hold a rally.

Texas AM University Hosts Nazi Rally

Freedom of speech is something we as Americans hold dear. Yet a state run University as TAMU that takes funding from the state and federal government, does not have the right to use taxpayers dollars on hosting Nazi rallies. The fact that modern day nazis are even in existence today and not only out of hiding, but actually emboldened by the fact that Donald Trump is now America’s President elect, is not only shocking, but a sad day for America. Perhaps the only good news is that now that they are out of the gutter, we can see who and where they are, to confront them.

Texas AM University Morally Bankrupt

When good people sit idly by and do nothing, evil persists and grows. We must all be vocal, active, and militant in confronting and stopping any Nazi scum, as well as any person, school, or institution that gives their evil hatred a platform. Hitler butchered and tortured countless women, children, and men, and is known throughout history as an insane monster of the worst kind. Texas AM University should be ashamed of hosting a Nazi – whose intent is to spread racial division and hatred. A dark cloud will forever hang over their institution. May others be more wise.

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