Nanny Scam – an Employment Scam with a Twist Rips Off the Unaware

With the number of scams increasing rapidly, you might think everyone would be aware of the many ways that the gullible and innocent can be ripped off, but people continue to get hooked., an internet site that helps protect you by teaching you about the latest scams says it has been contacted by many people over the past few days, asking for advice on Nanny Employment offers.

This latest scam looks genuine, until thay ask you to do just one thing for them – they will send you a check for, say $7600.

Your bank will receive a certified bank check. They will accept it and deposit the money into your account. As it is a certified bank check, the proceeds are available immediately. Your job is to keep the $600 and send the $7,000 to another place, supposedly to pay for some service for them. This must be sent using Money Gram or Western Union.

So you send $7,000, thinking you have earned $600 for doing nothing, but several says later, your bank tells you the original bank check was a fake. now you owe the bank $7,000 and there is no way to trace or recover the money you sent by Money Gram or Western Union.

If you or someone you know is looking for a Nanny job, you should work through a reputable agency such as

Scamdex has examples of the emails displayed on the site.

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