Operation River Gate Update – October 10 2005

CAMP BLUE DIAMOND, AR RAMADI, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces and Marines, Soldiers and Sailors from Regimental Combat Team 2 continued Operation Bawwabatu Annaher (River Gate) in the cities of Haditha, Haqlaniyah and Barwana Oct. 10.

On Oct. 9, Iraqi and U.S. Soldiers stopped three men in a white four-door sedan at a vehicle checkpoint northeast of Haditha, in the Al Anbar governorate.

Soldiers discovered a video camera while searching the white sedan. A short time later, a similar white four-door sedan approached the checkpoint and began driving erratically. Using hand and arm gestures, soldiers signaled the vehicle to stop, but it appeared it was not going to stop. It continued to accelerate toward the checkpoint and warning shots were fired. It did still did not stop, but while firing at the vehicle, the vehicle detonated within yards of the Soldiers, killing the driver.

The video camera contained several minutes of tape footage. The soldiers reviewed the footage, and recognized one of the three men from the first sedan. In the video the male they recognized was speaking to the driver of the suicide car that just detonated.

When questioned about the connection, the men in the remaining white car said they found the camera on the side of the road. The three men were detained for further questioning.

Video-taping suicide car bombings is a terrorist propaganda tactic used to spread fear and to intimidate Iraqi citizens. Iraqi Security Forces discovered a terrorist propaganda center early in the operation Oct. 7 in Haditha.

On Oct. 10, two additional weapons caches were found in Haditha. The cache sites contained bomb-making material, small-arms, RPGs and ammunition.

At the time of writing, approximately 130 suspected terrorists have been detained. U.S. Forces have already released more than 70 detainees after questioning.

The operation’s goal is to deny Al Qaeda in Iraq the ability to operate in the Western Euphrates River Valley cities and to free the local citizens from the insurgents’ campaign of murder and intimidation targeting innocent women, children and men.

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Source: Multi-National Force-Iraq

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