Morgan Harrington’s Remains Found in Va. Field

The search is over for the missing Metallica fan who mysteriously disappeared last October.

Morgan Harrington, 20, vanished from John Paul Jones Arena on October 17. Since then, the parents offered $100,000 to anyone with information on her whereabouts. Metallica themselves offered $50,000 to anyone with information on her disappearance. Her last appearance was ostensibly walking on a bridge, as a source told the police they saw someone walking on a bridge that matched her description. This led police to believe that she was hitchhiking after being locked out of the Oct. 17 concert – she called friends and told them that “I will find my own way home.”

Her remains were found in a hayfield 10 miles south of the arena. A cause of death has not been determined as of yet, however the parents believe she was a victim of murder.

Gil Harrington, her mother, told the Roanoke Times “we are very happy to know that Morgan very likely did not live through the time of the concert… She was a long time in that field. I’m happy to know she was not alive long enduring unspeakable things.”

The missing persons notice released after her disappearance. Her remains were recently found in a Va. field.

“This has been a horrific three months… And this is not the end that we wanted, but closure is really important,” said Daniel Harrington, the girl’s father in an interview on “Today.” There is some peace we have at this point. We are very sad, and obviously we would love for our daughter to be alive. But closure is very important.”

In the same interview, he stressed suspicions that his daughter’s murderer is “within the Charlottesville area.” Mrs. Harrington said that they don’t want the captor found only for their closure, but to prevent further tragedies and murders. She also stated hauntingly that “I have reviewed images of my daughter from her pre-natal ultrasounds to looking at her empty eye sockets of her cranium. Yes, I have seen… lovely bones. Lovely girl.”

This kind of profound grace under pressure and tactfulness has been prevalent from the victim’s family throughout this entire ordeal – from start, and to the bitter end. As inspiring as it is to witness their mental fortitude, it is sad to read another missing persons story and even more so to know that her alleged murderer is still out there.

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