Los Angeles Gets Two Big Ones – The Toll Roads

Residents in California have been wondering why the major freeways of the 10 and 110 are scheduled to be shut down for days starting this July 16th. We finally now found out why. Toll booths.

Some experts estimate, according to todays Los Angeles Times, that a small (yet vitally necessary to drive) stretch of road as short as fifteen miles could cost citizens any where from four, six, or even up to twenty dollars, with rates increasing with higher traffic congestion.

Some city leaders think the tolls will raise more badly needed money for the city, and reduce congenstion, the latter which they claim is their main motive. Wrong. If city leaders truly gave a damn about congestion, they would address the real cause of it- overpopulation, not toll roads. If city schools were places where children were actually taught how to be responsible financially before having kids, instead of a ghettoized mentality that teaches nothing about how to manage money, sell products, or succeed, then the city wouldn’t have to attempt to do their presumable good deed of offering a poor mans toll card discount to 25 dollars per month from 75 per month that L.A. is also now implementing.

The fact is, the city does not care about overpopulation, they want more penny pushers running around, feeding their coffers that any wise money manager would have clamped the lid on with their first sign of bankruptcy. The City of L.A. wants toll roads because the City of L.A. wants more money. And the City of L.A. wants more money because it spends what it takes from citizens faster than it can take more from its citizens. So it wants more.

Toll roads will be making some politicians more rich, the roads actually slower – cars have to slow down or even stop to pay tolls – and it will lead to more crime. Kids and criminals who can not afford the tolls will not cease to drive, instead they will be more desperate for money, and do more desperate acts, such as sell drugs, commit robbery, fraud, and the like.

If the City of L.A. really cared about drivers on its roads, it could start with those countless potholes on its streets that damage many vehicles rims and cause endless back aches to jarred commuters on the best of days. And of course, it will be perfect for another city photo opp.