Global Insurer AIG Receives Fourth U.S. Bailout ‘Loan’

Earlier this month it was announced that the London based AIG (“American” International Group) is to receive another 30 billion dollars due to fourth quarter losses under the terms of the September bailout passed by the Bush Administration, which has been vigorously supported by the two 2008 presidential candidates at the time, John McCain and Barack Obama and the Obama Administration.

American International Group is a London based insurer with subsidiaries in over 130 countries worldwide. After their claimed bankruptcy it has been previously reported the executives of this conglomerate sought refuge at some of America’s finest resorts, and in addition also embarked on a British hunting trip with some of that bailout money in excess of $400,000.

The Washington spin that has being placed on this bailout at the American taxpayer’s expense is the impact such a bankruptcy would have here in the U.S. since there are many Americans either heavily invested in AIG or who are covered under their policies, namely those in the teacher’s unions and health care workers.

The American taxpayer, in socialism now practiced in Washington, is not only bailing out U.S. corporations, but global ones. As a sovereign nation as intended by the founders, foreign influence and interests – especially British – were actually what the original war was all about and is still taught in the fourth grade, although it appears Washington increasing forgets to consult not only our Constitution but basic history now in its drive for global government.

Such a practice at the cost of America and Americans is not only mentioned in historical documents, it is actually banned through the writings of our founders warning of entangling ourselves in “global” interests, rather than America’s which are separate and distinct in order to protect our sovereignty.

If the teachers and health care workers unions inappropriately failed in their fiduciary duties to their union members, then what would be called for instead of the American people bailing out the unions would be for the union members to initiate a class action against those officials who failed to use due diligence in the in vesture of their retirement funds.

The entire claimed “bankruptcy” at this point is questionable. With 130 subsidiaries worldwide, why is AIG simply not initiating whatever is necessary in order to sell off a portion of it’s assets since it is clear over-reach was involved in their global expansion efforts.

Why also is this “bankruptcy” not in our federal courts so that it is a matter of public record but instead by it’s terms rather the Secretary of the Treasury, and he alone, acting as trustee on behalf of the American people unaccountable even to Congress.

Congress has no inherent rights as “representatives” of the people to transfer ANY of its authority, by legislation or otherwise, to the Executive Office or the Treasury Secretary.

The procedure with respect to bankruptcies in this country are powers which were and have been given the judicial branch as matters of public record, and for which “corporations” have no privileges and immunities at all under our Constitution, especially those not given to the actual citizens in this country.

Why would Congress willingly entangle this country’s economy with that of a failed global concern, especially one in which we fought a war in 1776 to escape – England and “corporate” dominance and control of our government. Have they forgotten that the Boston Tea Party was as much about a nonconsensual tax on the colonies, as it was corporate dominance and control of Britain’s sovereign in their unholy alliance for mutual profit?

The further this country falls into debt, the more it stimulates foreign investment, and the more it facilitates globalism or “One World Government,” the very government our founder’s abhorred in this “land of the free” they were attempting to create – free from foreign intrusion and foreign rule.

There has definitely been a major shift from America and American interests first to a global focus with each action now emanating from Washington.

Every evening on the news the term “global economy” is being reinforced in America’s subconsciousness. However, just who entangled us in this “global economy?” The bankers, Wall Street and Washington, of course.

It would appear that the outcome in Washington’s “global” mindset has not been positive and now is clearly destroying this country, its economy and the American way of life in the process.

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