Folsom Toastmasters Almost Big Enough to Charter

We had a GREAT meeting last week and heard an excellent speech from Shirley, her second, about her family’s exploits in Iran… boy, was that interesting!

Judy gave her very first speech evaluation – and did a wonderful job encouraging Shirley. Ken gave his very first Pledge and Inspiration (about the fear of speaking in public – one we all needed to hear) and Carlos told a very funny joke!

Pat did a fine job as our Vote Counter, and Sandra gave an inspiring Educational Minute regarding proper English and diction. Paul was very professional as Timer, and Louise was our Ah Counter/Grammarian/Wordmaster. She selected the word, “permeate” for all to use in our table topics – and all did use it!

Karina was our Table Topics Master – she gave one Table Topic, and asked for volunteer speakers:

  • Bob – getting this club to charter soon!
  • Louise – planning on running for Lt. Governor of Marketing
  • Judy – going to China soon


    In order for us to be considered a “viable” Toastmaster’s Club, we need to charter and to do that, we need 20 members, so we really need everyone. Please plan on attending our next meeting on Wednesday, February 6th, at 5:45 PM. We will be voting on officers this evening as well. Please bring a check made out to Palate Movers, in the amount of $60.80. That breaks down in the following manner:

    Toastmaster International Dues $ 27.00

    Club Dues (6 months) $ 6.00

    Charter Member Fee $ 27.80

    (one-time fee & includes tax)

    This is a one-time chartering fee per person. The only other fees associated with Toastmasters is our dues every six months of $33.00 ($27.00 goes to Toastmasters International, and $6.00 stays in the club to purchase ribbons, ballots, etc.)

    Our theme for the February 6, 2008 meeting is MY VALENTINE

    Bob Cillifer will send a sample agenda out to everyone who has registered – and I would encourage each of you to put one on your desktop so when your time comes to be the Toastmaster, you’ll have one available).

  • Toastmaster – Judy Garity
  • Educational Minute – Volnteer Needed
  • Pledge and Inspiration – Bob Cullifer
  • Joke Master – Sandra Ellis
  • Grammarian/Wordmaster – Kathryn Corbett
  • Vote Counter – Shirley Roberts
  • Timer – Carlos Gaudy
  • 1st Speaker – Karina Galindo
  • 2nd Speaker – Volnteer Needed
  • General Evaluator – Sandra Ellis
  • 1st Evaluator – Louise Houdelette
  • 2nd Evaluator – Volnteer Needed
  • Topic Master – Deb Cullifer

    Please contact the Toastmaster of the week (Judy) if you are unable to fulfill your duties, or if you can fill one of the vacancies… thanks!

    Let’s make every effort to get there this coming Wednesday, to remember to bring our checkbooks, and bring a friend to join in with you! We need a solid 20 people before Toastmasters International will recognize us as a club.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, February 6th!

    By Debra Cullifer

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