Christian Freedom is Asking for Aid of Relief Victims

It has been almost two months since Cyclone Nargis ripped through the Southeast Asia region. Now, a report from Christian Freedom International states that thousands of storm victims in Burma are continuing to seek need of relief aid.

The military government of Burma has an extended history of violating individual rights and an intense ethnic crusade against its Karen and Karenni population. It is also the focus of blunt criticism after the cyclone for its earlier resistance to accept international assistance into the country.

Christian Freedom International (CFI) is based out of Michigan. It is a humanitarian organization that has worked actively in Burma on behalf of persecuted Christians and provided firsthand testimony about the effects of the junta’s brutality since 1998.

It has been reported that the junta started threatening to hold land from people who don’t continue ice production soon.

Jim Jacobson, the president of CFI, is pleading Americans to donate funds for more emergency supplies that include fishing and mosquito nets, water purifiers, clothing, food, medicine, and building materials to rebuild homes. Funds are really needed to assist with ice production, as well as to support the number of orphaned children from the cyclone that may face recruitment by the junta and forcibly sent to government “indoctrination” schools.

For more, call 1-800-323-2273 or go to Christian Freedom International

Source: Christian Newswire