Boogie Shooz Lights up the Thursday Night Market

Boogie Shooz, Sacramento’s number one dance party band lit up the evening for the Thursday Night Market in Folsom, last night. This band is very high-energy and opened with a really nice nice set. For Retro Night, they pulled out some great old tunes, including some Lynrd Skynrd, B52’s and Devo.

With the cooler evening came great crowds of people, who were obviously enjoying the evening and the weather. The Hot dogs and Pizza slices in the 600 block seemed to be very popular.

Raymond, playing some Perfect Sounds from the 60’s kept everyone entertained and moving, at the Wool-Sutter intersection and there were more than a few people boogieing to the music.

I noticed a few different vendors, who were talking to a lot of people, including Folsom H2O. The Folsom Grocery Outlet had a great display, with some really nice fresh produce. The Kidz Zone, at the end of the 900 block kept the small kids entertained with the Anytime Bouncers.

Futher down the street, I met Dylan and Cesar, playing as Matin Est. Two Guys, two acoustic instruments, one song. They did a great job. Find them at

Look out for “Living History/Railroad Night” next week – you can even come dressed for the occasion in period costime. Learn more at

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