Beyonce Experience Tour: Food Drives With Capital Area Food Bank, Survivor Foundation

Beyoncé, the Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and actress is supporting her minister and friend Pastor Rudy Rasmus, America’s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network and the Capital Area Food Bank. Her Beyonce Experience Tour in Washington, DC is sponsoring a pre-concert food donation drive, at the Verizon Center on Thursday, August 9th.

There are prizes for fans. The first 1,000 fans to bring at least three non-perishable food items receive an autographed photo of Beyoncé and a raffle ticket for a chance to have their seat upgraded. The Food Drive is open who wants to donate food but not attend the concert. They also drop off food at the Verizon Center and may receive an autographed photo of Beyoncé.

The food drive lasts for three hours, from 5:00 pm – 8:00pm, inside the F Street and Gallery Place Lobby Entrances. They are hoping for as many donations as possible, to help feed hungry people in the DC area. Six Verizon Center entry gates are to be staffed by Food Bank volunteers.

Beyonce and Rudy, Beyonce Experience Tour.
Beyonce and Pastor Rudy Rasmus.

Beyonce Experience Tour

“Hunger affects every community in the United States. So I’m using my Tour and Survivor Foundation to bring attention to domestic hunger. I’m joining forces with Pastor Rudy and America’s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network, to fight hunger.” – Beyoncé.

With the economy in the doldrums, many families are now experiencing hunger. Across the nation, more than 35 million Americans struggle with limited access to food, and the issue of hunger continues to grow in the United States.

More than 633,000 residents in Washington D.C. are at risk of hunger, and almost a third of those.

Lynn Brantley, president & CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank said that if the children at risk of hunger were brought to the Verizon Centre, they would fill the Center more than nine times. Ms. Brantley said, “We are grateful to Ms. Knowles for her gracious effort to help those who suffer from hunger. Every food item received will help feed hungry families, children and seniors.”

According to the latest statistics, hunger hits families under many circumstances:

  • where both parents are working but struggle to make ends meet
  • seniors who find themselves with limited access to transportation and food
  • 12 million children may not know where they will find their next meal

Beyoncé says when she was young, she attended St. John’s Church with Pastor Rudy. There, she learned at a young age the importance of reaching out and helping those who are less fortunate. Her upbringing spurred the birth of her Survivor Foundation.

Pastor Rudy is an urban prophet, and the author of “Touch: The Power of Touch in Transforming Lives.” The book profiles Pastor Rudy’s unique brand of faith sharing and radical hospitality. He also has a new music project, which is a soundtrack for the book, “The Pastor Rudy Experience.”

“I am committed to touching and changing the world… one life at time.” – Pastor Rudy.

Reaching Out

music world logo.
Music World logo.

“Reaching out and touching lives is incredibly empowering. That’s why I want my fans to experience more than my music this summer. I want them to experience the joy of making a difference by helping someone else,” said Beyoncé.

“In the Washington metro area, over 633,000 residents are at risk of hunger, 200,000 are children. That’s enough kids to fill up the Verizon Center over nine times,” said Lynn Brantley, president & CEO of the Capital Area Food Bank. She continues, “We are grateful to Ms. Knowles for her gracious effort to help those who suffer from hunger. Every food item received will help feed hungry families, children and seniors.”

Beyoncé said, “I want my tour and Survivor Foundation to encourage people to get involved in the fight against domestic hunger, Pastor Rudy’s ongoing mission to help the least among us, and the work of America’s Second Harvest. Any help – donating time, money or food – will make an enormous difference.”

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