A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, at Stage Nine

Stage Nine Theatre in Folsom is known for the great plays it presents and it’s latest, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” is no exception to that rule.

On opening night, last night, the house was full and Tony Wichowski, as Pseudolus promised us “something appealing, something appalling” and nobody was disappointed.

Susan Mason, the director says “The characters and the story are over two thousand years old, right out of the comedy of the streets of Rome, more than a century before Julius Caesar rose to power.”

The Stage Nine audience, many of them visiting for the first time last night, was clearly enthralled and appreciative.

The whole cast are a delight to see and hear. Glenn Bassett as “Hysterium,” new to the West Coast is a hysterical addition to the Stage Nine group and definitely brought the house down more than once.

Many thanks to Stage Nine staff Mike Jimena, Connie Mockenhaupt, Allen Schmeltz, Susan Mason and Colin Hoyt for bringing such a great cast to Folsom, for our enjoyment.

The show runs from April 17th to May 24th. I guarantee it is definitely worth seeing.


HERO – Nick Adorno

HYSTERIUM – Glenn Bassett

PROTEAN – Christopher Celestin

PROTEAN – Alex Chesebro

ERRONIUS – Paul Greisen

GYMNASIA – Jessica Larrick

VIBRATA – Bri Lynaugh

PHILIA – Cassie March

GEMINAE – Liz Marxen

TINTINABULA – Ashley Mason

LYCUS – Jeffrey Mason

SENEX – Paul Schechter

DOMINA – Jessica (Jessy) Stein

MILES GLORIOSUS – Thomas Strella

GEMINAE – Amy Verbeke

PSEUDOLUS – Tony Wichowski

Excerpts from the show


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