New York Times Caught Quietly Changing Hunter Biden Story

The New York Times has again been caught unprofessionally changing the content of a story it published to try trashing the Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal. The Washington Examiner reported Monday evening that The New York Times quietly deleted its assertion about a New York Post story, which reported on Hunter Biden’s business dealings, as “unsubstantiated.”

New York Times fake news
Image @ Pixabay & Ernest Dempsey

The Change in Text

The New York Times (NYT) published the story on Monday morning calling the NY Post story “unsubstantiated” and the story was shared on twitter from at least two accounts of the paper, including that word in the description.

But hours later, the story was edited to change some of the text and taking out the word “unsubstantiated” without following the journalistic standard of including an editor’s note acknowledging the change. The Washington Examiner wrote:

The new version, published hours later with technology reporter Kate Conger added to the byline, removed the “unsubstantiated” claim and other significant details from the story.

The tweets of NYT were not deleted and the Examiner’s Daniel Chaitin reminded of it via his tweet.

Daniel Chaitin tweet
Screenshot @ Twitter

Racist and Anti-Christian Content in New York Times

In April this year, NYT openly engaged in racist and anti-Christian propaganda when it angrily attacked white Evangelical Christians for refusing COVID vaccination. The story also lamented the distrust of people in institutions while ignoring statistics of vaccine refusal in other racial groups.

Fake News in the Mainstream

Kathy Sheridan wrote in 2019 that mainstream media have embraced practicing fake news by throwing the need for multiple independent sources out the window. Publishing stories without verification to serve political goals is another major reason the mainstream news outlets mislead the masses. When caught, it usually leads to retraction of the stories. In May this year, The New York Times was one of the outlets that walked back their reports about Rudy Giuliani’s contact with FBI.