When Everything Is Not Enough

I have lived with Bipolar Disorder for 5 or 6 years now but have had a particular problem all of my life. This problem is my ability to find what really interests me. I have yet to finish anything, and I mean anything. I find it difficult to finish the last bite of a sandwich let alone anything major.

I have tried and failed attending college 3 times so far; I have never kept a job for more than 2 years because I quit every one of them. I have started and quit so many craft projects that I have lost count. If you haven’t noticed, I am desperate to find something that will keep my interest, a purpose for my life and something that I can do rather than live a life of boredom.

My Bipolar has caused me to become unable to work and I guarantee you it is a curse. I maintained stability off of medication for over one year and decided I could return to the working world.

Little did I know that it would again be my downfall. I had to leave because I once again lost my ever loving mind and had to go back on medication. So here I am once again, lost for all intents and purposes.

I desperately need to find something I can do, enjoy doing, and do from home. Making a little extra money would be great too but just not being bored is something I will settle for.

I created my first ever blog and have already changed the title. The former title was “Thoughts of a Thinker” but then I thought I needed an actual topic, not just whatever pops in my head at any given moment. I have now titled my blog “Path to Purpose.”

I figured there needed to be some point to my blog and I will admit that I had this epiphany after watching the movie “Julie & Julia,” which by the way, I give 5 stars. So my blog is going to be about my journey, finding my purpose in life and not be so gosh darned bored.

Right now I know exactly how Bill Murray felt in “Groundhog Day.”

This movie is me, dear reader.

Every day is pretty much the same but I intend to change that. I hope you follow me on my quest for fullfillment and a satisfying life.

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Mandy Abbott has a passion for the written word. She loves to review books and she enjoys writing about topics of controversy, opinion, and seeing where her thoughts and pen strokes take her.