Walgreen Plans To Sell Genetic Testing Kits

Walgreen, United States pharmacy, is in the planning stages of providing genetic testing kits for people to determine what diseases they are at risk for.

Pathway Genomics will supply Walgreen with the testing kits.

The Food and Drug Administration has no records that the test kit was approved. It’s staring at the claims made by Pathway Genomics. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved it. It isn’t necessary for Walgreen to have the Food and Drug Administration’s “go-ahead” before selling the kit. Most experts prefer genetic testing be done in an atmosphere with genetic counseling.

Pathway explained in a statement that its personal genetic testing kit- the Pathway Genomics Insight Saliva Collection Kit- will be sold at many of Walgreen’s nearly 7,500 stores nationwide, for $20 to $30 per kit.

The test contains a saliva kit, postage paid envelope and instructions. It’s required that you send it to Pathway Genomics for results.