Smart Investments in Prevention and Treatment Vital to Achieve AIDS-Free World

Ambassador Goosby today stressed that following the science and making smart investments in prevention and treatment are vital to achieve an AIDS-free generation.

“The new UNAIDS report provides further evidence that if we work together we can achieve the goal of an AIDS-free generation.” -Mr. Goosby

He noted that President Obama’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is putting the latest science into action to save the lives of millions in the developing world. he highlighted that with combination prevention; prevention of mother-to-child transmission; voluntary medical male circumcision; and treatment as prevention – scaled up with other proven interventions such as condoms, HIV testing and counseling and behavioral supports, the world can continue to dramatically reduce new HIV infections and save more lives.

“After thirty years of fighting this disease, the world is truly at a tipping point.” -Mr. Goosby

He stressed that the United States calls upon all nations to join us in renewing the collective international commitment that has resulted in these important successes.

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