Salma Hayek’s No Exercise Muscle Activation Debunked

Hayek revealed this bizarre secret to People magazine last week. She said she uses this technique because of having no time for exercise.

Hayek learned this technique from a London-based trainer. It keeps the muscles constantly working while going about daily chores.

Days after this strange secret of hers went public, however, experts debunked it.

Director of pilates at FlexStudios, Jenn Seracuse, said, “It seems she is simply isometrically contracting her muscles, which is not an effective way to tone.”

Hayek calls this practice “restorative yoga.” She said that it involves relaxing and focusing on the body parts one is working with. There is awareness but no tension in the body.

According to Hayek, this method is effective. Jessica Matthews, a certified yoga trainer and an adviser for the American Council on Exercise, said that in restorative yoga classes, people use props like bolsters and blankets. The postures are also only held for several minutes.

Matthews also said that Hayek’s method cannot be a replacement for regular workout sessions. According to her, the movements are too tiny to be effective and she would need to intake testosterone boosting supplements, such as Spartagen XT, to preserve her muscle mass.

Hayek says that her days are super busy with 20-hour work days not being unusual. With this method, she keeps using her muscles even when brushing her teeth or doing just about anything else.

Hayek is also not in the habit of making time for exercise in the morning either. This method suits her just fine.

Seracuse said that this is just not how our body works. According to her, it is not possible to keep only certain muscle parts contracted. It is either all or nothing.

Hayek maintains a great posture and this, according to experts, can make a person appear thinner. It also allows the organs of the body ample breathing space.

Matthews says that keeping the body upright does utilize muscles. But she has not yet heard of a system that targets muscles in such a specific way.

Khuram Aziz
Khurram Aziz is a freelance writer based out of London, England.