Psychiatry for The Dogs

With several thousand dogs on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, military shrinks are claiming at the expense of your tax dollars – that war is not good for doggies. No kidding. Of the reported six hundred or more dogs that have seen active combat, shrinks are claiming that more than five percent suffer from Canine Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). They report symptoms vary from hyper vigilance and increased aggression to extreme timidity.

The military is experimenting- thanks to your tax dollars- with desensitization treatment and anti-anxiety medication for the dogs. Yes, you read right, your tax dollars are funding military shrinks to medicate dogs with psych drugs, which proves to any sane person who the ones are that are ‘really’ nuts. Shrinks reportedly claim that half the dogs will need to be retired from combat.

military dogs PTSD
BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan 1st Sgt. Dean Bissey hooks the hoist harness to Staff Sgt. Michael Hile and his military working dog Rronnie (spelled with two Rs). Photo by Spc. Aubree Rundle, U.S. Army.

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons

Dogs have become a key part of United States military forces, in their (forcibly trained) ability to detect improvised explosive devices- since the modern war machine isn’t brave enough to follow through on all their own actions of self created insanity called war- they drag innocent animals into the death game. Pharmaceutical deaths have climbed to eclipse the former leading cause of all deaths – the automobile.

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