Pornography Kills The Spirit of Man

The world is under a terrible epidemic of an illness, a disease that is spreading like the black plague in the 1300’s. This disease strikes any who become infected with it and destroys not just the mind and intellect but also the soul or spirit of those who become infected. It is addicting and those who have the disease don’t notice how it creates a craving for more until it is too late and their spirit withers struggles and will die.

The body remains but is filled with the venom of the disease and wants to share its destructive force with those it associates. What is this terrible thing which they partake and become infected? It is pornography and it wounds the brain then kills the spirit of man. It destroys marriages, influences children to partake and leaves a family in complete disarray.

Oh you say. Well lets us examine how it works. First it is so easy to obtain. It is on the internet, in videos and books. It starts out simple until he grabs the mind and like a python and slowly wraps its victim and squeezes the mind until all that is left is the unnatural desire for sexual perversions. It becomes the only thing that is on the mind. Men are most susceptible to it but it can and will destroy women as well.

The problem is we as humans have no defense for this terrible destructive device that destroys marriages, leads to other terrible sexual crimes and even to children who become addicted just a adults. It becomes a mind game. It pretends to be love but then it turns into lust and gross sexual desires.

It takes away the natural honest desires of love and replaces them with carnal desires a debasing instinct that leads to perversion. It is a dark and loathsome existence and those who become infected eventually want others to be infected as well. They become the infector and spread this hideous distain for natural affection into an infectious desire for sexual perversion. Common sense good reason is lost and they fail in respect to honest men seeking good for family and friends.

I am speaking from experience because it has destroyed two of my family members. Our oldest daughter married a nice young man. They had two children and life was going along very well for them. Then our then son-in-law started to change. Our daughter felt sanctified though her marriage vow and never expected what was about to happen. He became distant to us and possessive of his wife our daughter. He began to stay out late at nights and keeping late hours after work. He became filled with desires of other women and perverse acts with his wife.

Then it led to desires of sexual pleasure with other people including more than one person in a bedroom. We saw the change and became alarmed. We talked with our daughter and she enlightened our understanding what was happening. At our beckoning they were separated for a time and when they got back together it started again. This time she left of her own accord. She raised her two sons and eventually remarried… She is doing very well now and is very aware of the destructive force of pornography.

My wife and I took a course from a specialist on sex addiction so we could better understand our daughter’s problems. It came in handy when our second daughter fell prey to the same addiction. We now understand more about this terrible disease.

I know of addiction and the affects it has on mind and body. I suffered a spinal injury when I was twenty-eight. I had surgery twice and suffered the addiction of pain pills to reduce the pain one has with a broken back. It took three years to eliminate this addiction. It not only affected me but my wife as well. My moods were terrible and hateful. This terrible addiction of pornography seems to be stronger than drugs and invades not just the body but the mind and spirit if those who fall prey. As we understand it, the disease becomes a mind game. I leads one to believe it is love then it turns into lust and then to perversions.

Our other daughter was not so lucky because she too was caught off guard and wanted to please her husband. He led her to the edge, then destruction. She became addicted with this disease and gave into the base desires of human flesh. She left her family and is now wondering who knows where. She has developed the desire to give sexual pleasure to others through this horrid disease. Her husband is raising the family and who knows what he is doing with his addiction or the children?

If you are involved with this terrible disease find help now. Take the necessary help you need to correct this addictive disease. Go to your minister or one who you trust and ask for help. It destroys those with whom it infects. It leads to mental breakdowns and to acts normal people don’t want to see or be involved with. Find help on the internet if no other source is available.

We as a nation need to be alarmed with this terrible disease and approach our local politicians for legislation to stop this destructive force. I’m working on that in my own town. If we don’t we will suffer the pains of this terrible addiction that destroys the soul and spirit of people. Stay away from pornography like you would of any terrible contagious disease.

No one can harm the man who does himself no wrong.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.