No More Toys In Your Happy Meal!!

San Francisco became the first city to ban toys in children’s meals that do not meet certain criteria. Restaurants may only include toys in meals with reduced sodium, the drink must meet certain standards and have nutritional value and the meal must include fruits and vegetables.

During the hearing, ordinance co-author Supervisor Eric Mar stated the statics that blacks and Latinos suffer from a higher-than-average rate of obesity and diabetes, defined it as an “issue of equity and social justice,”

On the other side there was Karen Wells, McDonald’s USA vice president of U.S. strategy and menu that said; “I’m here on behalf of McDonald’s USA in opposition to the proposed ordinance and ask that you not recommend its passage because it undermines parental authority, as well as responsibility, and will not contribute to the improvement of children’s health, nutrition or well-being.”

Some say, at some point you have to let people be responsible for them and allow them to make their own choices. Problem with that is, when you have all your life became used to eating certain foods without knowing the ramifications and then all of a sudden people tell you it’s bad for you….it’s a hard habit to break. Those are addicting and that is a fact. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. are fast food restaurants, with most of their chains in mid to lower class neighborhoods, where you have people who work all day and have no time to cook and not enough money to purchase something more nutritional.

Sure, personal responsibility plays a huge role, but part of being an adult is recognizing that we are not only responsible for ourselves, but also for our children, community and society in general. Society is just a reflection of us all.

Lydia Pagan lives in Brooklyn, NY where she was raised. She has an extensive Business background with writing as her first love. Her interest in Politics, Business, and the human psyche began through her research for her writings.