Veriheal Provides a Validated Process For Medical Marijuana Cards

Medical marijuana has now been shown to be an essential compound in treating and managing chronic illnesses. Thirty-seven states have legalized the medical use of marijuana and the Veriheal company provides services and information to help people.

Although now legal in many states, a recommendation from a medical dispensary is needed for those with a medical marijuana card. Besides the necessity factor, many other reasons exist for people to get a card.

Get Legal Protection

Whereas many states have legalized medical marijuana, only a few have legalized recreational marijuana. In states where recreational marijuana is forbidden, like Florida and Ohio, a certification is needed to use cannabis. Otherwise, there is a risk of a hefty fine or even jail term for those who get on the wrong side of the law. Nonetheless, a medical card protects and allows people to possess controlled amounts of marijuana.

A medical marijuana card is also helpful for those in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. The reason is that federally, marijuana is illegal. So, a card gives extra legal protection from employee issues and possible legal charges. Finally, the stamp on a medical marijuana card from Veriheal proves a physician’s approval for cannabis’ therapeutic benefits.

Veriheal and the Medical Marijuana Card. Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Higher Growth and Possession Limits

States like Colorado and California allow their residents to grow cannabis plants at their own home. Nonetheless, the program is only typical in states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana. For example, the amount that can be grown with a medical marijuana card is higher with a card than without one. Note that some States completely ban recreational users from cultivating cannabis plants.

Most states allow their residents to carry more medical marijuana from the dispensary if they have a card. For instance, in California, anyone can buy up to eight ounces daily with a medical marijuana card. On the other hand, they can only buy one ounce a day if they don’t have a card. A medical card means the ability to buy up to the amount the physician has indicated. So this means never running out of the medication.

Higher Potency Limits

Potency refers to the level of THC and other cannabinoids found in a given product. The potency makes users feel the therapeutic properties and relief of medical marijuana. Generally, the higher the potency of a marijuana medication, the higher the product’s efficiency. In short, a smaller amount of marijuana is required with high potency to get the desired effect.

Many states provide higher potency medical than recreational products. A marijuana medical card typically allows the card holder to access more potent cannabis products. This means they will be free to buy concentrated lotions, oils, leaves, and other products without any increased danger.

To Save Money

There are costs to buy and renew most medical marijuana cards. Nonetheless, the long-term savings are more than the acquisition and renewal costs. Most states charge an extra 15 to 37% on recreational marijuana. Yet, the tax patients pay for medical marijuana is reduced or completely erased. The amount saved in the long run from the tax cut is more than the initial or ongoing investment in the card.

Many people are able to shop around because some medical dispensaries sell different cannabis products at a discount. The only way to access products from medical dispensaries if to have a valid medical marijuana card. In some places, it is also possibe to find coupons, rewards, special deals, and bonuses for loyal card customers.

Lower Age Requirements

Even though medical marijuana for minors is restricted, some states allow usage under specific conditions. Thus, younger people with a medical necessity can access medical marijuana with their card even though they are minors. Nonetheless, they will need to be accompanied to the dispensary by their caregiver. A medical card also gives them easy access to their medical practitioner to monitor their condition and any associated side effects.

No matter the age of a patient using medical marijuana, nobody can afford to gamble on the quality of the medical marijuana product for any condition. Fortunately, registered medical dispensaries only offer tested and quality products. They will also not supply the medication without a card.

Wider Product Choice

Medical dispensaries provide products in different forms. For example, the medication may come as a gel, capsule, tincture, cream, or spray.


To understand the qualifications and process to obtain a card, prospective patients are encouraged to reach out to Veriheal. The company provides instant access to qualified medical practitioners to guide and provide recommendations for medical marijuana access, if the indications for health benefits are there.

Finally, the thing to know about getting a medical marijuana card is that there is a process and a way to do it in most states. It isn’t always easy, and it isn’t meant to be, because it is a medical requirement. That is why Veriheal’s convenient and reliable platform can be useful for many people to start their investigation or application process.

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