Internet Technology Has Brought Out The Stalker

Internet technology has brought out a whole different type of monster

Internet stalking is considered illegal, and is a form of a lethal attachment to another individual online. Internet stalking can be brought on by different reasons. One way of identifying the Internet stalker; they will join the same sites, post on the same boards, and follow you from place to place.

Depending on the reason of the stalking, they will leave horrible comments on your blogs, guestbook, or any comment sections you could be using. Celebrities and those who have achieved success, are a constant target for these individuals. Speaking to many different writers and successful people online, lies and many other forms of accusations have been brought against these individuals due to some sort of jealous party.

Other reasons could be as follows:

1) The ending of a romantic relationship by one party, the other party has not accepted the death of the relationship.

2) One person is in love with the other person, yet a relationship has never occurred between them what so ever.

3) Stalking to find a suitable love partner.

4) Stalking to seek revenge or retribution from a previous insult or injury.

5) Stalking to pursue sexual fantasies.

Either one of these five listed, is a form of mental illness, and you must proceed with caution. Many people who are stalked on the Internet do not report these issues. This only gives them freedom to continue with the abuse. 1.4 million victims in a year, in the USA alone, are stalked.

Stalkers will send you numerous amounts of emails, leave terrible comments in your guest books or blogs without ceasing. It becomes part of the abuse, and becomes about power. The abuse can take many forms, such as being argumentative, pointing out errors that are not there, or possibly correcting you when you are not in error to begin with. Especially with the stalkers who are out to seek revenge or retribution.

The best way of dealing with stalkers is by simply ignoring them. If you are receiving mail, then change your email address, and let your friends and families know what is occurring. Stalking can become dangerous, and has led to suicides and murder. You must let the people around you know what is occurring. Remove the comments off your blogs, guestbook’s and comment areas and do not respond back. It is caused by a form of mental illness. You do not wish to push it further along by responding. Some websites allow a comment filter; use this feature to block them if they have this available. If not, then simply remove them and do not respond back to the individual.

The next step is to take a picture of the screen. Take photographs of their comments, and save them for the following steps to pursue legal action. Contact your local police department, and ask them whom to contact about the situation. If you have a family at risk, let the authorities know.

Do not allow them to scare you off the Internet, or enjoy your experience online. This only gives them the power they are searching for. Make sure you keep all documentation of the activities you have endured. Save them in a separate folder. The more activities from the same individual, or individuals, the more you will be heard, and the case will be pursued.

Stay strong, do not back down on your ethics of pursuing it further. You are dealing with a very mentally ill individual for them to seek this sort of attention.