Healthy Lifestyle Key To Good Health

Maintaining good health is vital to live a long life. To be healthy, it is imperative for one to have a proper diet coupled with exercise and adequate sleep. Every person knows the importance of food and water. The more humans resort to luxurious things, the more they are inflicted with diseases.

Before the 20th century, human beings were not as unhealthy as they are today. The invention of modern equipments like planes, motor, television and computer, people became occupied with matters of eating and drinking that lead to frivolous lifestyle. Those who do not work and remain static most of the time are bound to end up becoming a victim of certain type of diseases.

People with sedentary works as justices, administrators, businessmen and avid TV viewers are susceptible to diabetes and high blood pressure. To escape from possible illness must get into little bit of exercise. Exercise is best for us.

During morning walks, it is better to take a deep breath and exhale three times by standing under the tree of Pippal, camphor trees. The Pippal, Oscimum bear sacred importance in Hindu and Buddhist religion. These trees produce adequate amount of oxygen which increases our lifespan.

Water is vital for all life forms. It is essential component of human life. After exercising, we must drink a big glass of water, at least half of a liter.

In addition, we are given access to a quiet guidance system which helps us to achieve our objectives and direction. We need to recognize this guidance system. It is called intuition, the quiet voice.

Foods rich in fibers like vegetables and fruits are best for the health. Dry rice, bread, fibrous vegetable and milk are good remedies for relief of gastritis. If a person maintains a balanced diet coupled with regular exercise, then the person has a natural defense against illness.

The American Heart Association recommends that adults eat fish twice a week. According to Dr. Darush, a cardiologist of Harvard School of Public Health, the average person should eat fish as a part of a healthy diet. We must focus all our attention to keep ourselves healthy.