Healthcare and Social Security Fraud: Examples and How to Avoid It

Although 2016 is not even halfway over, there have been a number of cases of healthcare and Social Security fraud. At any given time, several of these cases are making their way through the court system with new cases being discovered all the time. By the time authorities get to these cases, the scope and severity of them is tremendous.

In Chicago, a couple conspired to get $45 million out of the Medicare system (read more about the case here). They created multiple bogus home healthcare companies, falsifying records and ignoring the advice of medical professionals along the way. The reason why they got caught remains a mystery, but they face a mile long list of charges.

Over in Miami, a healthcare clinic consultant directed and authorized kickback payments and bribes to patient brokers, receiving a percentage of reimbursements in the process (read more about the case here). The healthcare clinic consultant funneled the money they received through a series of shell companies. This money was disguised under a number of different names in the hopes that authorities wouldn’t notice.

One surprising Social Security fraud lasted for almost 30 years. A Louisiana woman plead guilty to stealing more than $200,000 in Social Security benefits. (read more about the case here) This woman continued to receive checks that were made out to her husband for nearly 30 years, even though he had died in 1986. As a result of her charges, this woman faces more than 10 years in prison.

Nobody wants to find themselves in a position where they are facing fraud charges from the federal government. Ignoring fraud requires a considerable amount of diligence on the part of everyone who’s responsible for filling out a claim. This website will give you some pointers for avoiding Medicare fraud in all its forms.

Filling out an application to receive Social Security disability benefits is not as easy as many people might think. You have to jump through a considerable amount of hoops before getting to the point where the application is complete enough to submit. The chances of an application being approved are remote, especially if going into this process without legal representation. To learn more about filling out this application, visit this website

Social Security and Medicare are two systems that serve a very important purpose for citizens. The instances of healthcare fraud are far more prevalent than what’s uncovered in Social Security. The problem is that so many people benefit from these systems that it’s challenging to uncover every possible incident of fraud. The government is diligent in working on every claim and auditing organizations that submit materials that seem suspicious. Working with a law firm like Myler Disability will help efforts to avoid fraud.

avoid healthcare and social security fraud
Avoid healthcare and social security fraud