Hair Cafe Achieves Balance and Harmony With Color Light Therapy


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SANTA MONICA, CA – February 3, 2006 – In March, 2005, Hair Cafe evolved into a “Salon of the 21st Century” by being the first to offer Full Spectrum Color Light Therapy in a Salon/Cafe environment in North America.

For their most recent innovation, owner Philippe Schaedler proudly introduces Bettina Bernoth to the Hair Cafe team. Bernoth is the co-founder and developer of biofeedback systems, aura energy researcher, author, and world renowned celebrity aura reader. She has successfully combined Color Light Therapy with the biofeedback system and incorporated them in the completion of her Ph.D. in Psychology.

The Color Light Therapy (CLT) consultation determines which colors are needed to achieve balance and harmony in the system. The biofeedback system reads inner emotions through acupuncture and acupressure points in the hand and transfers that information back as a display of color. These colors translate into what is known as an “aura” or “energy field” and represent different emotions, strengths and weaknesses in the body, as well as identifying characteristics of the personality/self. The full body is displayed with its energy points, or “chakras.”

The CLT is completely personalized for each individual. “We are not healers,” says Bernoth. “With CLT, we allow individuals to experience a color shower so that they can immediately see and feel the effect for themselves.” Clients receive a portfolio containing before and after photos of their aura, as well as a detailed report based on information given by the biofeedback system.

Hair Cafe is offering all the opportunity to experience the benefits of Color Light Therapy. Clients should allow 45 minutes for the Aura Consultation and Color Light Therapy Treatment. Additional information, plus the Dr. Luescher Color Test, is available at

Contact Name: Philippe Schaedler, Hair Cafe & Color Blast Cafe

Location: 1421 and 1423 Fifth Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Contact Phone: 310-393-0444

E-mail: [email protected]

Web Address:

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