Get Healthy with Bryan Au, Host of Raw Organic Saving the Planet TV Series

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Bryan Au is the best selling author of RAW IN TEN MINUTES raw organic recipe book. It is the most delicious, eco, healthy raw organic recipe book in the World. All the recipes are under 10 minutes to make and are ready to serve, enjoy and eat! Au now has his own National RAW ORGANIC FOOD TV Show based on his book and recipes.


The show will air this FALL nationwide and is called RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET with Bryan Au, he will teach a few raw organic recipes from his book and then interview Eco/Greeen/Environmentally Friendly: Alternative Energy products, Green Businesses, cars, people, spas and restaurants all around the World. It will air on Network TV, Cable TV, Direct TV, Satellite TV, PBS(later) and Internet TV. It is the world’s first National RAW Organic Eco FOOD TV Show series so it will make headlines and a big splash.

Bryan will make RAW Organic Food the next major food trend, he already has a new line of raw organic snacks, food and a new eco clothing fashion line on top of instructional DVDs. Bryan Au does keep busy but it is a big planet to save!


Bryan Au

Source: The Student Operated Press

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