Future Presidential Election Decided by Abortion

Has anyone ever really said what the total number of abortions have been throughout history?

Even some Christians who consider themselves ‘pro-life’, believe there can be a ‘caveat’ (justification) for killing a human baby (e.g., rape, incest, retardation, wrong sex, Down Syndrome, etc…).

In [How Long Does Sperm Live – Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on …] , we know a woman is only born with ~400,000 mature eggs. A man’s’ ejaculation contains 100-600 million sperms. But he has to deal with recent reduced sperm counts, and sperm life of only 5 hours before, and 5-7 days if they make the long journey to the fallopian tubes.

Realistically, there are only 375 total eggs [How many eggs does a woman produce in her lifetime?], or 375 possible shots at fertilization.

Lifesize fetus at eight weeks that can still be chemically aborted.

More succinctly, abortion, or the termination of a fertilized embryo, can be done early in the pregnancy. As soon as fertilization and a new life starts, it can be killed.

Contragestion is a normal occurrence in humans. Estimates of contragestion (the natural prevention of the implantation) varies 30-70%, with actual testing showing a 36% rate. But artificially caused, contragestion can expel a living embryo. The Pill, Norplant and Depo-Provera are typical “contragestive” agents.

Most women are unaware they may be having breakthrough ovulations during, and conceiving children that are killed very early (e.g., Norplant breakthrough 50-65%; Depo-Provera 40-60%; IUD 100%). One can see in Birth Control Pill Causes Abortions – Pro-Life America, Celebs … , how life is easily snuffed out using those three.

It is believed presently in the US 7-12 million newly conceived children are killed by all chemical abortions each year (link above). So, according to those figures, in 24 years, 168-288 million deaths in the US have resulted from chemical abortions.

Each year 20 million US citizens use chemical abortions (the ‘Pill’, Depo-Provera, Norplant, IUD, RU-486, ‘MAP’, Ella, Plan “B,” etc…), rape, incest, ESCR, and IVF which usually result in the artificial elimination of life. Actually, obstetricians have used RU-486 since 1988, to terminate ectopic pregnancies [Non-Surgical, Chemical Abortions ]. Add the 1.2 million surgical abortions, and one sees the purposely killed lives each year.

Conservatively, even reducing yearly world numbers by 50% (US 0.05% world population), world lives eliminated is 1848-3168 million/yr (~2.5 billion/yr) from earthly existence by chemical abortion.

When the dust settles, and adding at least 50 million/yr surgically-aborted souls worldwide [World Abortion Estimates – National Right to Life ], and just from known physical operations to remove and kill a young infant, one gets [2.5 billion + (50 million x 24 years) = 1.2 trillion] = total deaths/last 24 years. That’s over 1 TRILLION souls that had their mortal lives extinguished.

Credit God in His unlimited mercifulness, to spare the world of immediate and total annihilation, after a billion abortions.

Alan Sears, [CEO/ Alliance Defense Fund], specifies that human prodigies are born maybe once or twice in a generation. Hence, the few mentioned here-Einstein, Michelangelo, (George)Washington, Pavarotti, (Neal)Armstrong, Copernicus, Pascal, Galileo, Avogadro, Mozart, Laplace, Fleming, Mendel, Newton, MLKJr, Bohr, DaVinci, Hubble, Baryshnikov, Reagan, John Paul II-are but a drop in the barrel for others who lived, but were eliminated early by purposeful abortion.

Perhaps Washington was more omniscient than we thought, after several statements about .” ..the millions yet unborn.”Sears put it best when he said: .” ..what heroic explorations and athletic accomplishments have never transpired because the unique imaginations and wills and endurances that would have achieved them were vacuumed from a woman’s womb?'”What about human advances that still haven’t come? The accomplishment of “free” energy-fusion-seems just beyond our grasp. The cure for AIDS/HIV, world peace, prediction of earthquakes, ability to approach the speed of light (C)-are only on the distant horizon. Now, there could be proof that other dimensions co-exist with the current 4.

It’s likely any early abortion done in the pregnancy (e.g., the pill, other abortifacient, etc…) without real knowledge of the human destruction is likely God-forgiven. But now, we know we will kill the baby.

Many don’t believe a human actually exists “yet” in an early fertilized embryo. Their disbelief should be eradicated by the simple oath most hunters in the wood always follow: never shoot until you know it’s a deer. Too bad most of the human population doesn’t follow that rule…