Encourage Dad to Take Care of Himself

Healthy Tips For A Healthier Dad!

Dad’s special day was last month. As well as celebrating the amazing roles of fathers all over the world, now is the perfect time for families to encourage dad to take care of himself.

Convincing dad to consider lifestyle changes will not be easy. Thanks to Dr. Jesse Mills, director of The Men’s Clinic at UCLA, there are easy and simple tips to encourage dad to become a health “buff.”

Here are five suggestions from Dr. Mills:

  1. Start the Conversation

Children can take the initiative and speak to dad about his health concerns. This can be done during a candid dinner conversation with family.

Mills said, “We tend to think men don’t want to talk about their own health, but I find that’s really not the case with most. Dads are much more open than you’d think to talk about their health.”

2. Give Him an Exercise Buddy

Regardless of their age, kids can be their dad’s workout buddy or just be involved in his routine. Playing with kids is a good example for this. A walk in the park with toddlers is a good opportunity to get some fresh air and stretch those legs.

Even when dad is taking care of the kids, the kids don’t have to be a roadblock for his exercise. Dads of toddlers can run while pushing the stroller and stop at the playground with his kids mid-workout. ”

3. Help Him Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is important to dads. Make sure sure he gets six to eight hours of sleep per day. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your dad’s mental and physical health.

Testosterone, for example, is made while sleeping, so inadequate sleep is a big harm to men’s health.”

4. Give Him Some ‘Me Time’ Each Day.

“Me time” is a big deal for dad especially when it comes to engaging in health activities. Let dad enjoy and relish his time to be alone.

Giving the guy in your life some time each day for a healthy activity – like a nap, reading time, or exercise rather than a trip to the sports bar – will help him develop good habits.”

5. Make Sure He’s Hitting Health Milestones Based on His Age.

Men should be looking at certain health markers in each decade of life, and families can help them keep track.

Dads in their 30s should get checked for healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and should be doing a testicular self-exam monthly. Dads in their 50s should receive a colonoscopy and should begin getting screened by their doctors for prostate cancer.

dad and daughter.
A doting dad carrying his daughter.

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