Kosovo Needs Changes and Visionary Democrat Albin Kurti for PM

The purpose of this essay is the reflection of the paradoxical phenomenon of the misused democracy and rule of law in the new state of Kosovo Republic by its statesmen and political leaders in power. This misuse is like many African countries that weren’t able to make a distinction between individual private interest and the common interest of the people, or between their political parties and the state government.

Thus they, like African leaders who grew up in miserable poverty, “overnight” became millionaires using the power instruments of corruption of state institutions in their election campaigns. Because of this, they do not find it hard to win, and stay a long time in power, considering themselves irreplaceable leaders.

However they are not irreplaceable, but they did enrich themselves, their families, interest groups, clans and their political parties, becoming millionaires. At the same time, half of the people are left in extreme poverty. This happened in some African countries in the 60s and 70s after they became independent from western colonial rule.

Elections Only One Dimension of Democracy

In the last premature parliamentary elections in Republic of Kosovo on June 11, 2017, only 27% of voters voted to change the chaotic political, economic, social and welfare situation in Kosovo. 70% of voters surprisingly opted to not change the old politics and its corrupt representatives. These corrupt representatives were directly and indirectly responsible for the stagnation of the rule of law and the failure to develop the economic, social, well-being and democratic reforms of the new state of Kosovo (2008-2017).

It would be in the interest of emancipating the political consciousness of Kosovo citizens to wake up from their “winter sleep” and not to give a blank vote to the failed political leadership (2000-2017). THis blank vote was undeserved and unjustified.

However, in order to achieve this important political goal, Kosovo citizens must first change themselves, then fight for the protection of their rights and freedoms, and thereby change Kosovo society.

However, this is not a simple process. There are many internal and external factors that influence the formation and upgrading of the political, democratic and political psychological mentality of the individuals in a society such as Kosovo. For a long time, (1912-1999), Kosovo was previously the colonial plunder of Serbia. Since February 17, 2008, Kosovo gained its independence thanks to the support of the United States and their Western Europe Allies (NATO and EU) Serbia of course, wanted to keep Kosovo as its classic colony. For this purpose Serbian military, paramilitary and police units have killed : “11,840 Albanians ; 1,392 children up to 18 years; 296 children up to 5 years; 1,739 women; 1,882 elderly people over the age of 65; 1,450 people are still missing, as well as 20,400 Albanian women have been raped.” [ Koha.net ]

This was the main reason America and NATO bombed Serbia (78 days) to rescue over 2.5 million Albanians from Serbia (March 24 – June 10, 1999).

In conclusion, I remind the bad political leadership of Kosovo that the people of Kosovo paid a high cost to win freedom and independence ( thanks to the actions of the KLA, the United States and NATO). The people of Kosovo did not go through all that to be subjugated and wildly ruled in the course of the peace (2000-2017). But that is what they now get from their irresponsible, corrupt and nepotistic state leadership.

I hope this is the last moment for the old political setups (2000-2017) of corrupt leaders of all levels in the independent state of Kosovo. Kosovars want to see those bad leaders leave the government and parliament as soon as possible, no matter how many votes they won in the premature Parliamentary Assembly of Kosovo on 11 June 2017.

The only beneficial choice for all Kosovars and the foreign partners would be Albin Kurti and Vetevendosje.

The truth is that Albin Kurti and his “Self-determination Movement” (Lëvizja Vetëvendosje) are not against the vital national interest of Kosova, America and Europe. That is a baseless accusation by the brutal political opponents of the Democratic League of Kosovo and the Democratic Party of Kosovo. On the contrary, they have been, and still are vehemently against mismanagement by the bad Kosovo leadership (2006-2017).

This truth ought to take into account the political leadership of the United States and the European Union (EU), not the allegations and lies of former Prime Minister Hashim Thaci (current president of Kosovo) and other political leaders of Kosovo, who allege “Albin Kurti and his Self-determination (Lëvizja Vetëvendosje) are potential enemies of America and Western Europe.” This is an absurd and irrational charge without any valid argument that should not be accepted by any normal person who deals with politics.

This is a chance for Kosovo to escape its corrupt oligarchs, despots, nepotists who all became millionaires “overnight.” They plundered and exploited the people illegally and contrary to the constitution and the universal human and democratic rights and values.

This type of Kosovo oligarch (converted communists in fake liberals ) in order to rule as long as possible in power ( without limit, and to enrich themselves, their families, political groups and parties and mafia clans) have all turned Kosovo into their private plunder. These oligarchs depleted and left unemployed over 50 per cent of the population. They have not developed the country, and left Kosovo without any bright and secure future for its citizens.

Albin Kurti Could Save Kosovo From Mismanagement

If Kosovo citizens want changes – fighting corruption, eradication of the organized crime at all levels of political power, mismanaged by corrupt state-leaders of Kosovo (2008-2017); to eradicate unemployment and poverty rate over 50 per cent, to stop systematic migrant exodus and bad governance, the vast majority of Kosovo citizens should elect Albin Kurti (former MP of the Kosovo Assembly and Chairman of the Self-Determination Movement) as Prime Minister.

I believe Albin Kurti is the only political leader who deserves to be Prime Minister of Kosovo Government. In the premature parliamentary elections in Kosovo on July 11, 2017, his Self-Determination Movement (Lëvizja Vetëvendosje) won 27% of votes without entering into a coalition with any other political party, as did the biggest parties (DPK-DPK), forming coalitions with other smaller political subjects due to of the fear, not to lose their previous despotic seats of power / 2008-2017 /.

“Vetëvendosje” should form democratic government, otherwise the agony of the miserable economic, social, corruption, exodus, organized crime and the struggle for power between the clans and the antagonistic groups of political subjects will continue.

Progressive democrat Albin Kurti won Kosovo, won the American and European democratic option and values in Kosovo.

This is the important message of the content of premature parliamentary and democratic elections in Kosovo on June 11, 2017. The message rejects all lies, charges, libel, intrigues, politics and propaganda manipulation of Hashim Thaci and his partners of various coalitions. They are fighting by all means to remain in power, choosing discredited means and methods to eliminate his political opponents, such as Albin Kurti and his the Self-Determination Movement(Lëvizja Vetëvendosje). Thaci alleged the “Vetëvendosje” political program was “anti-European and anti-American.”

This is the irrational and paradoxical political propaganda of the top Kosovo leadership (2008-2017) used to eliminate Self-determination and Albin Kurti from the political pluralistic and democratic scene of Kosovo.

But, everybody should agree with the truth, that Albin Kurti and the Self-determination Movement’s criticism of the negative flaws and mistakes of the Kosovo leadership doesn’t mean they became “communists” or “socialists” or even worse, that they are “anti-American and anti-European” i.e. “they are potential enemies of America and Europe.”

This was and still is the most bizarre and stigmatizing slogan propaganda of ex-prime minister Hashim Thaçi (2008-2014, now the current president of Kosovo) and his supporters within Kosovo government and assembly. Their aim is to denounce and marginalize the national patriotic and the European progressive democratic and peaceful political activity of the Self-determination Movement-Lëvizja Vetëvendosje headed by Albin Kurti (2005-2016).

This slogan sounded badly and unjustly as the accusations of the propaganda policy of the Serbian government headed by Slobodan Milosevic and today’s President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, attacking the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) as a “terrorist organization” even though it was not a “terrorist group.” The KLA was a national, anti-colonial and liberation army who conducted a just war against Serbia’s aggression in Kosovo (1989-1999).

There’s no doubt that KLA’s just war to protect over the 2 million Albanian people from the state terror of Serbia, positively affected the United States and the NATO to internationalize it as a legitimated and legalized important military and political factor against invasive Serbia (1989-1999).

It is true that after the war in Kosovo (June 1999), in the course of peace, some KLA commanders failed in politics. Just as consequences of their lack of political skills and the greed for illegal and unrestricted wealth, as well as because of their struggle for power, at all costs, to the detriment of the vital national interest of the state and of the citizens of Kosovo.

What Is Democracy for Kosovo Corrupt Oligarchs?

In which law and in what constitution of Kosovo it is written that the rule of Kosovo (government, parliament and presidency) should be by the same leaders from the same political parties as mentioned above (DLK) and (DPK) in the course of 2000-2017?

This form of so-called “democratic governance” by the same political figures in Kosovo (2000-2017) has no distinction from governance of the communist regime under Tito’s SFRY (1945-1980). That is because the Communist Party has always elected the same people (with 10, 20, 30 years in the same state position). They were chosen because they were considered the most loyal, honest and eligible persons, according to the criteria and program of the Yugoslav Communist Party headed by Tito. Tito was elected permanent President of the SFRY for life by the Yugoslav Assembly.

It should be underlined that the only symmetry of the Kosovo leadership (DLK and DPK) to the Communist Party of Tito’s Yugoslavia is that today’s so-called Kosovo democrats are looting the state. They are corrupt billionaires with their villas, uncountable wealth, expensive cars and ranches, companies and more. Meanwhile, 50% of Kosovo citizens are hungry, unemployed and live in the deepest economic and social misery.

This is also evidenced by the statistics of suicidal people, where hundreds (2000-2017) have committed suicide. Even 44 former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) fighters committed suicide.

This is the greatest shame and unjustified responsibility of the corrupt leaders of the state of Kosovo (2000-2017). These kinds of leaders of Kosovo do not deserve to govern and to be on the top of Kosovo. Instead, they should end up in jail because all the material and financial aids of America and Europe have been misused by putting money in their “pockets” for their families, clans and political parties.

America ought to support all of Kosovo citizens and Self-determination Movement (Lëvizja Vetëvendosje) who are fighting corruption, organizing political and economic crime caused by the bad Kosovo leadership (2008-2017)

The corrupt and harmful political leadership of Kosovo should not be allowed to cooperate with America or the European Union, because they are against national vital interest. These so-called leaders have left Kosovo crippled and at the mercy of robbers, criminal and corrupt oligarchs who have proven themselves to be the greatest enemies of Kosovo, the cruelest abusers and distorters of the American and Western European justice and democracy.

Therefore, the sound logic of political, human and democratic interest, suggests that this type of mafia political leaders should be abandoned as soon as possible by America, the EU and NATO. These people are the main obstacles to development, democratization and the progress of the new state of Kosovo, as well as very dangerous to the partnership and strategic interests of America and Western European allies.

Most Reasonable and Acceptable Partner

Right now, the most reasonable and most acceptable partner for America, the EU and NATO is the Self-determination Movement and its former leader, Albin Kurti. On June 11, 2017, in premature parliamentarian elections of Kosovo, Kurti and his party won 27% of the votes by the electorate, without entering any coalition as did DLK and DPK. The other parties formed a coalition because they feared they would lose the election to the Self-determination Movement. This movement is fighting for changes to save Kosovo from its liberal communists, the worst usurpers and bureaucrats of Kosovo state power (2008-2017).

The democratic vote of the people (only 27% for the Self-determination-Vetëvendosje) say: – Stop, no more crimes, despotism, nepotism, misrepresentation, corruption and injustice to all Kosovo citizens (2000-2017). However, victory of Self-determination with only 27% means that Kosovo citizens have not yet been awakened from “hypnosis” of their previous corrupt political leadership (2008-2017).

This essay I will conclude with a valuable assessment, written by Nelson Mandela: “One of the most difficult things is not to change society but to change yourself.”

It is a great lesson to all Kosovo citizens because they should understand that they would never be able to change their society before they changing themselves. This is alpha and omega of reaching any success not only in the realm of politics, but in general of the philosophical meaning of life.

Mehdi Hyseni Ph.D.
Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.