Emergency Situations That Everyone Needs To Be Prepared For

The worst thing that can happen during an emergency situation is to be completely unprepared. This can cause panic which only can make an already stressful situation much worse. Understand that many emergencies are unplanned so having a plan of action in case this does occur is imperative. The few minutes it takes to decide the course of action in certain circumstance can be the difference between life and death. The following are emergency situations that everyone needs to be prepared for.


Natural disasters are a way of life in certain areas of the country whether it is tornados in Oklahoma or hurricanes in the southeast of the country. Being ready to go at a drop of a hat will require preparation as well as a bug out bag which can be lifesaving. Create a bug out bag list with all of the items that are deemed necessary to give the person the best chance of survival possible. Flash flooding can make the minutes saved by simply grabbing the bag extremely important. Being trapped at the mercy of a flash flood can result in death or put emergency personnel at risk when trying to rescue a person trapped.

Life Threatening Injury

A heart attack or serious injury needs to be dealt with immediately by calling emergency personnel. In cases that an ambulance can take a hour due to living in a rural area it is important if waiting to keep the person stable. If losing a lot of blood then transporting them might be the only option in some cases. A first aid kit might not be enough to fix all the problems but it can be enough to stop bleed or to make a tourniquet.


Natural disasters do not always bring people together as frequently that can be riots or looting after a devastating event. Staying in the home if necessary with everything locked is important as even a friendly face can try to take advantage during these times. Lack of police presence in some areas make it dangerous to go outside unarmed as many looters can carry firearms. With boarded up windows and locked doors the home should be safe from unsavory characters trying to take advantage of a terrible situation.

House Fires

House fires can occur regardless of how much prevention that you have done as a faulty appliance can leave your home in ashes. The most important thing is to have your smoke detectors tested on a regular basis to ensure they work in case of a fire. Most people think that they would wake up to the smell of smoke but in a deep sleep there are plenty of people who woke up too late. Having some kind of plan if you have children is imperative as you will all need to meet in one place. This gives the family the ability to take inventory of who is there and who might still be in the home. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen to make sure that cooking mistake does not turn into a large fire.

Plan for the unexpected as it is important for people to plan for the worst case scenario and hope for the best. Do not take life for granted!

Melissa Thompson
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