Dr. Harvey’s Foods Improve Health of Companion Animals Globally

Top-Quality Health Food and Pet Products that are Making a Difference

Dr. Harvey’s, the first all-natural food producer for companion animals, has been providing fresh and organic food for health-conscious guardians for over 30 years. Proudly made in the USA, their natural foods, chemical-free grooming products, wholesome treats and chews, and essential vitamins and supplements, have helped dogs, cats, birds and horses achieve maximum wellness, as well as recover from skin allergies, digestive issues, kidney and liver problems, and even cancer.

“What you feed to your companion animals is the key to their health, and just as important as what we feed ourselves,” stated Wendy Shankin-Cohen, President and CEO of Dr. Harvey’s. “Feeding artificial and low-grade ingredients is still the number one reason for the rise in degenerative diseases. We are committed to making the very best food made from the very best ingredients!”

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In addition to the company’s canine, feline and avian line of all-natural health food and treats, Dr. Harvey’s also produces a unique line of supplements, such as Golden Years and Ortho Flex to aid senior dogs.

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“Dr. Harvey’s saved our Italian Greyhound’s life,” stated Christina Linsalata, a mobile groomer in New Jersey. “We adopted Booker from a rescue group that saved him on his last day at the shelter. Booker was 10 years old, and was so malnourished his legs were crooked and he couldn’t stand properly,” explained Christina. “After six months on Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health and Ortho-Flex, Booker gained back his weight and does not limp anymore on his old crooked legs. He is now running and playing like a teenager. It’s a miracle!”

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Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl dog and cat food, and their other canine formulations, Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground and Canine Health, are homemade pre-mix meals made in less than a minute! Just add water, oil and a protein of choice and you have a 5-star meal for your four-legged friend. Because you add your own protein, this is also a perfect choice for all kinds of pet ailments, such as kidney disease, which requires lower protein and fat intake.

For dogs and horses, Dr. Harvey’s also produces herbal grooming essentials including Organic Healing Cream for dogs, and Organic Hoof Cream to promote healthy hooves.

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Dr. Harvey’s can be found throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan in holistic veterinarian offices, holistic pet stores, kennels, animal spas, doggy daycare facilities, natural food stores, and pet boutiques including Unleashed by Petco. “We are proud to have Dr. Harvey’s as part of our large selection of natural foods,” stated Kristin Dutton, Merchandise Manager for Unleashed by Petco. “We share the same core values on proper pet nutrition and believe eating well is a vital part of pets living long and happy lives.”

About Dr. Harvey’s

Dr. Harvey’s has manufactured fine health foods and products for dogs, cats, birds and horses for over 30 years. Made with 100% human-grade ingredients that are free of preservatives and chemical additives, Dr. Harvey’s is passionate about animal wellness. The company’s philosophy is that feeding fresh food at every meal is the most important health decision that guardians can make for their beloved companion animals, and the key to ensuring healthy, happy and stronger lives. All of Dr. Harvey’s products are proudly made in the USA. Learn more at www.DrHarveys.com.

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