Carpet Cleaning GTA; How Often Should You Do It?

Many homeowners don’t take carpet cleaning GTA with the seriousness it deserves. Unfortunately, when they do vacuuming, they think that they have done carpet cleaning too. This is justifiable, and I think you know why it is not a surprise to many. Vacuum cleaners are marketed widely and exhaustively as a useful multipurpose tool.

To reduce expenses, many homeowners opt to engage carpet cleaning experts only when their carpets appear in lousy state and visibly dirty or even bearing permanent stains. This myth usually leads to more damage than saving your hard-earned money. Experts recommend that you carry out carpet cleaning GTA regularly.

  • Vacuuming and Deep Carpet Cleaning

It is crucial to do vacuuming regularly to get rid of the dirt and other debris from your rug. However, it is important noting that vacuuming is not as effective as the work of an expert carpet cleaning Toronto service. The reason for this is that vacuuming only involves getting rid of the loose debris from the carpet fibers. However, professional carpet cleaning involves a deep clean where the carpet file is entirely cleaned, making sure most of the debris trapped within the carpet is annihilated.

Carpets usually absorb a substantial amount of dirt which gets absorbed within the carpet piles. The most common dirt in the rug is grease and tar from dead-mites, footwear, dead skin and particles from the sky.

It is not recommended to live or work in poorly kept rugged room because of the potential health dangers involved. Living in dusty rooms for a long time exposes you to eczema, allergies, and asthma. Though common sniffles are not dangerous, prolonged wheezing and sneezing can require medical attention that can be costly if needed for a long time.

So How Regularly Should You Clean Your Carpet?

  • Resident Carpet

Most people do not get into their living rooms while wearing shoes. This means that there is little dirt that is disposed on the carpet in residential rugs or carpets. However, this is not to implicate that they don’t need cleaning.

When living in an urban area, there is a lot of dust in the air as a result of construction and congestion. Most of these particles are flown into your house and accumulate on surfaces such as cabinets, table, and carpets. Depending on how regularly your rugs or carpets are used, you should at least clean them once in a year- however, for healthier living, professional rug cleaning Toronto should be done at least twice annually.

  • Commercial Carpet

This entirely depends on the amount of traffic in your office. For a healthier practice, this should be done at least four times yearly or as regularly as monthly if there is mass traffic in your office.

In conclusion, the number of times you should engage carpet cleaning GTA depends on whether it is a residential place or commercial. Commercial offices will need more regular carpet cleaning than residential rooms since the former attracts high traffic.

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