Breast Surgery in Teens Soars Again and Why Natural Methods are Better

Countless teen girls heading back to school in the fall rely on breast surgery to give them the self confidence they have been lacking. Many feel like a new look for a new year will make all the difference. It is reported that over 64,000 girls get some form of plastic surgery each year, with most of the work being done in the summer months.

Some are interested in making their lips look full like Kylie Jenner’s or changing their nose like Iggy Azalea. Looking like the hottest celebrity is the newest trend. These methods are permanent though, and may not be wanted further down the line. While women over 18 are free to make their own decision on the matter of surgery, young girls (and parents) need to carefully examine the risks associated with it.

Risks of Breast Surgery in Teenagers

A woman of any age could get complications from a breast enhancement surgery. Those who are still in their teenage years are at a higher risk though, as their breasts may not even be fully developed at the time surgery takes place. Cancer is one such risk. Those who have had their breasts enlarged have a slightly greater chance of developing and dying from lung cancer or other respiratory-related diseases.

Aside from illness, there is also the possibility of scar tissue forming. This can squeeze the implant and cause severe pain. When pain and problems arise, it often requires additional surgery to discover what the issue is and work to resolve it. This will lead to further recovery time, as well as additional pain.

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According to a study from Annals of Plastic Surgery, women are 3 times more likely to commit suicide after they’ve had breast surgery. This likelihood comes approximately 10 years after the surgery is completed. Women who have had the surgery done tend to rely on alcohol and substances, which is another cause of death for many. This study shows that those suffering from low self esteem issues are not going to have their problems fixed by larger breasts. Those issues will still remain even after, so getting to the root of the problem within the mind is the key, not worrying about the look of the body only.

Natural Alternatives for Breast Enlargement

Enlarging the breasts can increase self confidence in some women. If this is what you want, finding a natural method instead of going directly to a surgical procedure may be a far better option. Many methods are available to make the breasts larger, or at least appear that way.

Foods containing healthy fats are best to eat, as well as items with growth hormones, such as Fenugreek containing phyto-oestrogen and wild yams with progesterone. You could also use cleavage contouring to enlarge the appearance of your breasts. This simply requires the use of makeup to make the breasts appear like there is more cleavage to see. With shimmering bronzer applied between the breasts and dark face powder applied to the outside of that, you can instantly get the look you’re probably after. These natural alternatives are a safer way to gain the breast size you want and the self confidence you long for with no surgery required.

Veronica Davis
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