NYC Students Compete in Shakespearean Monologue Contest

The New York City students competed in the 9th Annual Public High School Shakespearean Monologue Contest. Burgundy and velvet all around, framed tapestries, white molding and carved plaster, the setting exudes theatrical mood within this beautiful, elegant little theatre with its deep stage and wooden seats. Host Juan Villegas delivered an introduction that boosts pride, confidence and ease, and the performances began.

One after another, the participants performed their monologues with courage and heart. Like previous contests, the judging proved difficult as students put out their best effort for a competitive afternoon of Shakespearian acting and fun.

(LR) New Day Academy teacher, Victoria Hanabury. The only Freshman at the competition, Kira Guadalupe. And Academy Award Winning Actress Susan Sarandon

Bronx New Day Academy Principal Mara Ganeles surely echoes the opinion of all the schools and everyone involved with this event, “We are proud to have a student represent our school at this competition.”


1st Place: Beverly Lopez Hamlet, Ophelia, IV,5

2nd Place: Marcus Omowale Julius Caesar, Brutus, III,2

3rd Place: Letel Gonzalez Romeo & Juliet, Romeo

4th Place: Dorian Steele A MidSummer Night’s Dream, Puck,

(LR) Students Carlos Gonzalez and Fatumata Gumaneh with teacher Karl Bruckner

5th Place: Angelica Flores All’s Well That Ends Well, Helena, I,3

(4th and 5th Place Won an autographed copy of “Contested Will,” by Professor James Shapiro)

Remaining Students:

Alba Luz Gonzalez, Nathiel Tejada, Vanessa Guzman, Angelica Estevez, Yulainy Ramirez, Stanley Mercedes, Jonathan Tejeda, Kayla Young, Michael Ramirez, Giovanna Del Giacco, Marina Del Giacco, Carlos Gonzalez, Fatoumata Gumaneh, Tiffany Sierra, Kenneth Herrera, Alexis Valentin, Kira Guadalupe, Angel Zeas, Beatrice Adegbenro, Shawn Chester,


Teachers & Schools:

Karl Bruckner, School For Excellence

Victoria Hanabury, New Day Academy

Kelly Brock, HS for Media and Communications,

John Istel, New Design

Charles Browning, Theatre Lab

Christian Clarke, Bronx Academy for Letters

Michael Morrison, Franklin K. Lane

Yetta Garfield, Lower Manhattan Arts Academy

Ms. Crespo, Urban Assembly for the Performing Arts


Nicholasa Mohr, Latina Author

Crystal Field, Executive Director, Theater for the New City, actress, director and author

Ian Gordon, Playwright

T. Scott Lilly, Acting Teacher, musician, composer and writer

Top 5 at the Poet’s Den 2011 (Right to Left)

“This event helps establish a valuable tradition of opportunity for inner-city students to stretch their minds and engage in enriching educational and artistic challenges.”

Congratulations to all the participants, teachers, schools and staff.

For continued support: Our deepest gratitude goes out to Academy Award Winning Actress Susan Sarandon, Owner and Founder of Poet’s Den Theatre Ji Soo Lee and “The Puffin Foundation” for the Arts.

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