New NYC Mayor: Out With The Vile, in With Hope

New York City has a new Mayor Elect, but can Bill De Blasio undo the disasters Lame Duck Michael Bloomberg has created in New York, or will it be business as usual? There is no escaping the reality that De Blasio will have across-the-board challenges, but especially with Education issues.

Divides between Governor and Mayor

What happens now with the relationship between Governor and Mayor? “Bloomberg owns Cuomo,” is the common perception. But by the nature of De Blasio’s campaign, he must be on opposite sides of the fence with the governor on education issues. How does our Mayor Elect rid the system of the bogus, corrupt and ludicrous Teacher Evaluation system?

The Lame Duck Bloomberg Legacy

And what about the “supposed New Education Revenues” that will come from New York Casinos? That money will never get into a classroom. Like the “supposed revenue” from former OTB (Off Track Betting), and the Lottery, the cash flow winds up in the pockets of special interest groups, vendors and consultants. Casino income is merely their latest windfall along with any recent Federal funding. How will the new mayor ensure these and all future funds are not simply redirected away from “ACTUAL” teachers and students?

The Testing Fiasco, Charter Schools and Overcrowding

Student testing is another debacle and money siphoning disgrace. Can the new mayor stand up to Common Core book publishers and Standardized Test providers? And the Charter Schools are right there in the mix for a free ride at taxpayer expense. As for the student overcrowding issue, Bloomberg says it is due to NYC Public School “popularity.” (Doesn’t anybody brief him before he opens his mouth?)

Disrespect and Abuse of Teachers

Because of glaring inequities between teachers and other professions, teaching is no longer a career option. Teacher vilification, loss of benefits and tenure through a phony evaluation system heralds the end of the profession.

Normal contracts with even minimal pay raises cannot be negotiated because the DOE negates them in that they require more work hours and benefit deductions, a disgrace that employees in no other profession must undergo.

Two years ago, state and city employees almost across the board received standard retirement incentives, except for, as usual, teachers. Can Mayor Elect Bill De Blasio correct these disparities?

New Yorkers watch and wait.

David Pambianchi is a New York writer, who loves to tell stories about the city, the people, the entertainment, the sport and the businesses that catch his attention.

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