Why is there a Witchhunt for Terri Moulton Horman, Stepmother to Kyron Horman?

Little by little, some clarification is emerging to the public about the investigation of the missing 7 year old Oregonian, Kyron Horman. The police may have their reasons, but they are withholding as much information about the case as they possibly can withhold.

Professionals such as Clint VanZandt, a criminal profiler and former FBI agent, find this ‘tight-lipped’ approach to be counterproductive to any forward progress in the case. Cooperation between the police and family, and there interaction with the media, can go a long way in solving a case. The classic case of Elizabeth Smart was cited by VanZandt, as proof of this.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s office had announced that they would scale-down the search for Kyron, but now they are doing just the opposite. They have intensified the search on Sauvie Island, which is a six-mile drive from Skyline school. Did they get a tip from somewhere that this is the place to look? This is implied.

One thing that I’ve learned, is that the photograph of Kyron in front of his science project was taken by his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman. Terri posted the photo on her Facebook page at 1:21 PM on that Friday, June 4th. This photo, which is so ubiquitous on the internet, comes close to being the last time Kyron was ever seen.

Terri Moulton Horman
Sorry, but this is the best photo I could get of Terri Moulton Horman, stepmother to Kyron Horman. Apparently, she was the last one to see little Kyron, at 8:45 AM on that June 4th. How could he walk down the hall towards his classroom, then suddenly vanish into thin air?

It would be nice if the falsehood of this sighting at 9:00 AM could be confirmed, but it’s impossible to get a confirmation from the police. Maybe they’re trying to trip someone up, and catch them lying with conflicting stories, but I can’t say? So it’s really just on the stepmother’s word that we know 8:45 AM to be the last time Kyron was actually seen.

If he was walking down the hall towards his classroom, you would think that someone else would have seen him? Classmates, maybe a teacher, perhaps school staff? But no one did. The only other confirmed person that saw Terri and Kyron together in front of his science exhibit at 8:15 AM, was Gina Zimmerman, president of the school PTA.

Another odd thing, is that homeroom didn’t begin until 10:00 AM. Therefore, when Terri let him off at 8:45 AM, Kyron would have an hour and a quarter to blow. In theory, if he was roaming around the halls and maybe popping into classrooms looking at other science exhibits, he would have been seen by many people. And yet he wasn’t?

Therefore, I believe that he disappeared after 8:45 and before 9 AM. Had he not vanished by then, someone would have positively identified him, after that time. This is only logical. As a result of his lack of sighting, I’m not entirely convinced of Terri’s version of events. If she saw him walking away only several yards from his destination, to the classroom door, how could he not make it there, and enter the door? At that point, someone would have spotted him.

And yet no one ever saw the child after 8:15 AM, except the stepmother. I’m not accusing her of anything. Terri may want to take a polygraph test to reaffirm her account of that morning of June 4th. I know that people are being cruel to her and accusing her of wrong doing. This is all the more reason to take a polygraph test, so that the focus of the investigation can veer away from the family.

One item of credibility where I would like to see more investigation, is the account of a neighbor to the elementary, Jim Kelley. On that Friday at around 3:00 PM. Kelley saw a white pick-up truck with a female driver pull to the end of the road, idle and then turn around. Kelly thought this very odd, but it happened again at 2:00 AM Saturday. What was this lady in the white truck up to? Words of Kelly: “That’s beyond rare.”

There are many unusual things about this case. Cops are crying at news conferences. Police are revealing zero information. The parents of the missing child are in the background. The biological mother and the stepmother didn’t even speak at last Friday’s news conference. Weirdest of all, is the atmosphere on the Kyron Horman Facebook page, where people are angry, fearful and hateful, hurling accusations left and right.

Yes, a crowd mentality is present in the Portland community that is scary to behold. And I can understand why the stepmother wants to stay away from the spotlight. It’s a Salem witch hunt all the way, but now the court of popular opinion is our social media! I may need to lay low myself, or a vigilante mob may come after me!