Why Did Houston Police Officer Matthew Marin Shoot Brian Claunch in Head?

It’s still not clear what happened when a mentally-ill, double amputee Brian Claunch, was shot in the head by Houston police officer Matthew Marin early Saturday morning. For example, what’s the exact time Brian was shot? One news story I read, says the police arrived at the Healing Hands home (4309 Polk) at 2:30 AM. Another report says 2 AM, while yet another says 1:30 AM. And then we have the official Houston Police statement, which reads more like a Grimms’ Brothers fairy tale.

brian claunch

And why did the police officers ask the frantic caretaker to vacate the house, then merely two minutes later a witness (Randal Kingery) hears a single gunshot? Alright, in the name of fairness let’s read the official HPD statement once more. How can a disabled and mentally challenged man block off a healthy, strong police officer into a corner? And how threatening is a shiny-looking ballpoint pen?

Could the officers even see the the shiny object that well, or could they see it at all? This begs the question of how was the lighting in the room where the shooting took place? News footage from outside the Healing Hands house shows us a run down abode that’s in bad need of some repairs. The question of the lighting couldn’t be anymore crucial, in regard to how the officers were able to render a judgement call: how should they react to the agitated man?

The question of whether they could see the shiny pen, or not, such as the case may be, is the meat of the matter. Moreover, we need to see the actual room where the shooting took place, so we can reconstruct how Brian Claunch could have cornered the police officer (whose name hasn’t been given). How did the officer managed to get himself wedged in a corner, in the manner described in the officer’s official version? Or is that the way it really went down?

I assume the two officers are the only witnesses to the shooting of Brian Claunch, but why should we believe their version of events? Since when does a ballpoint pen look like a gun? And why was the adjective ‘shiny’ touted so prodigiously? This implies that shininess tends to look like the stainless steel of a metal firearm, does it not? I suspect the word shiny was put into the report as an afterthought, in order to capture the aforementioned association of a strong link between pen and gun (‘as if there is one).

This is poppycock! An alternative explanation is that officer Matthew Marin experienced a breach in judgement, where he over-reacted to a fairly benign situation. Better stated, or put more simply, he became trigger-happy! He shot that poor mentally incapacitated, physically impaired man to death! And why did Marin shoot Claunch in the head? He could have merely wounded him, which would have curtailed his forays into madness with his deadly ballpoint pen (which he loved to doodle with)!

The point of discharging the firearm to his head is a fundamental give away that the cover story umbrella-ed forth by HDP is a fictitious fairy tale. I’m glad to hear that the FBI has been called in to verify these accounts of Brian Claunch’s unnecessary death. And, to rewind the tape back a bit, why didn’t Brian’s caretaker go ahead and get him his sodas and cigarettes? Is that so much to ask for a poor broken man who lost an arm and a leg in a horrible train accident? Claunch was bipolar and schizophrenic and highly physically disabled! He had special needs, but instead he gets shot to death by a trigger-happy Houston cop, who’s been involved in two other questionable incidents.

Source: http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/local&id=8820624