Who Would Want To Kill American Airlines Pilot, Russell Walker?

russell walker Pompano Beach

The Sheriff’s Office won’t disclose the cause of death, but they do say it was a homicide. Often for the purposes of investigation the police will remain tightlipped about these matters. This would appear to be the case with this American Airlines pilot Russell Walker, maybe even more so. Information is scant today, but perhaps the locals, such as the Sun Sentinel or the Miami Herald, will give us a bigger bite tomorrow.

Curiosity killed the cat, but I want to know; especially given the profession of Walker, an American Airlines pilot. One might speculate that American wants to keep a lid on this story. That’s fair game. A potential scandal could emerge that could tarnish the airline giant’s reputation. Yet attempts to cover it up will only make matters worse. I may be getting ahead of myself, so let’s wait and see what the dailies give us tomorrow.

A few interesting facts have emerged. “He was a first officer on the airline’s Boeing 767 jumbo jets (CBS 12 News). This just says he was aboard the Boeing 767, not that he actually flew it. Splitting hairs. I get the impression Walker lived in seclusion there in Pompano Beach. One must assume he was away on work flying much of the time. Only one neighbor is quoted in the Sun Sentinel.

That neighbor is Sandra Przecha, who has only been there since November, which is merely three months as a neighbor. That’s not enough time to get to know someone very well. Sandra did tell the Sentinel that Walker wanted to move to California, where his girlfriend and her mother lived. Then he could rent out his Pompano Beach home.

Apparently, Russell Walker was a skilled pilot. Anthony Chapman, vice president of the Allied Pilots Association, praises his professionalism. “He was a gifted aviator, he always did an outstanding job in training. He always received the highest of marks.”

Further, an American Airlines pilot Capt. Ivan Rivera had some good words for Walker. “He was a person that was larger than life, and he loved aviation. We are all mourning this terribly. It’s never a good time to lose a friend.”

The Sun Sentinel article also says his final resting place will be near the path that his jet would take. Can’t say where that is, but probably close to Miami, since that was his home base. Found out also he’d been an American Airlines’ employee for 18 years. That’s a long time to be flying a plane. Looks like things went smoothly until last week sometime. Don’t know when he died yet? Don’t know the cause of death either? Don’t know much about Walker’s life? Can’t find much info on Pompano Beach?

I’m scratching my head this morning. I’m a news junkie and all I’m getting is ‘Beat Reports;’ newspapers are reporting that Russell Walker was murdered, but they’re giving us nothing. Why did it take so long to find out he was missing? As much as 10 days no trace of him.

Was it a simple home burglary that went wrong? Or was it something more sinister with longer tentacles? A calculated crime. Millions are wondering what’s the deal this morning, not just me. A ‘Hush Up’ won’t fly in this day and age. Aint the Fifties anymore.