Was the Drive-By Shooting of M-Bone Random Violence or a Planned Hit?

Who shot and killed hip-hop artist Montae M-Bone Talbert in a cold-blooded drive-by? And equally important, why did this individual (this steel machine) do it? And what were the exact circumstances of the shooting? What was the time? Who were the eye-witnesses? Has the shooter’s vehicle been positively identified yet?

m bone

The killer drove off after pumpin’ two rounds in M-Bone’s head, but then made a U-IE and checked out what he’d done. This is support for a specific targeted hit, not a random act of violence.

What was the exact time of the shooting? I’ve read 11:30 PM and I’ve seen 12:30 PM. Is that converted to West Coast LA time? If it was 12:30 PM, then the shooting actually occurred on Monday, May 16th.

And what about the TMZ account that’s making the rounds on the internet? Montae’s girlfriend is in fear for her life and doesn’t want her name revealed in the press. That’s understandable.

Montae had borrowed her car to go in the studio to work on Cali Swag District’s upcoming record, The Kickback. This is the same car that Montae was shot in. I’ve seen it on newscasts, it’s black with mags, but I didn’t recognize the make and model.

m bone liquor store

Another item that’s coming out, is that band mate C-Smooth was one of the eye-witnesses. C-Smooth just happened to be driving down North La Brea Avenue when he heard the shots.

He may not have been right by the liquor store when it went down, but was very close. This is not really so much a coincidence, since they (M-Bone and C-Smooth) both had been at a near-by recording studio.

Of equal importance is the statements made by C-Smooth that the band and Montae Talbert were not in any way involved with gangs or gang activity (source-MTV). Also, the group’s publicist, Greg Miller, told the LA Times that the band is gang-free. Yet one statement Greg made makes no sense to me. He said the shooting was random.

This looks more like a planned hit to me. Especially, remember the way the shooter circled back around to confirm that he’d hit his target. I believe there was a very strong motive behind this creepy drive-by. The TMZ report says that someone had been making threats of violence towards M-Bone. Moreover, some kind of war of words between M and this jealous man was underway on Twitter.

I’m certain the Inglewood detectives are working these various leads zealously as I type my report. No way could this be a random act of violence. Let’s hope an arrest is imminent.

M-Bone was only 22-years-old and his career had already taken off like a rocket. No one did the Dougie the way he did, not even Michelle Obama. Tensions are strong now, I can tell, but will developments surprise us even more?