Tough Bronx Moll, Jasmine Diaz, Runs Over Her Teenage Boyfriend! Why So?

A pic of Jasmine Diaz, 25, in court gives the impression of one tough, mean chick. This is just an impression, but what I am able to gather from news reports, this appears to be a spot-on perception. The best question we can ask, is whether she intentionally ran over her 17-year-old boyfriend, Frankie Hernandez, twice with her Lincoln Navigator, in a neighborhood Bronx Street? Suggested motive: Frankie dropped and broke her beloved iPhone!

The incident happened Wednesday morning early, around 2 AM. The location is Morris Avenue in the Bronx, with 165th Street as the cross street. News footage shows the usual yellow crime tape cordoning off the precise spot where poor Frankie was twice crushed by Jasmine’s powerful Lincoln Navigator. A New York Post account suggests there were eye-witnesses, but this is not all too clear yet.

It may be that Frankie’s brother only heard the affects of the accident, as opposed to actually seeing it. If Jasmine really turns the Navigator completely around, then gasses the engine, and intentionally surges forward, ramming into an upset Frankie, possibly waving at her in the street, then this is blatant vehicular homicide. Free will is involved here, and if Jasmine ran over him twice, it’s totally intentional!

jasmine diaz

We may need to back up a bit at this point in this fast-paced story, and see what we can find out about how the star-crossed lovers met, and something about the nature of their relationship. First, we hear that Jasmine met Frankie since she was his babysitter. Already, we sense this is a little weird. And when did they first meet? Some reports say one year ago, but most say two years ago.

Frankie Hernandez wasn’t even out of high school yet. What was he doing fooling around with a tough 25-year-old broad anyway? And why did his loving family tolerate this odd pairing? And just how mean was Diaz being to this youngster? Was she beating him, as Frankie’s brothers and sisters claim? Why couldn’t they tear Frankie away from this evil-spirited, street-tough woman? Was Frankie really in love with Jasmine?

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How much alcohol was involved at the Concourse Village apartment last Wednesday? After the hit and run, Jasmine flees to her mother’s house, but Frankie’s older Edwin, 32, follows her over there and even hears her moaning and groaning in there, semi-confessing to the vehicular mow-down of the doomed teenager, who probably suffered from infatuation or puppy love for the older moll.

Edwin managed to flag down some cops who took her in for questioning, charging her with manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. News footage shows us the crushed or damaged iPhone, apparently a prize possession of this femme fatale urchin-moll, faring from Mexico. One might argue these smart phones are more precious to us than life itself, in this current social context. A fallacious argument, I will add, however!

jd frankie hernandez

We still have much to learn about this grim saga of cancerous cruelty, pungent power plays of sexual dominance, and/or a flagrant disregard for life when a beloved iPhone is destroyed. Why wasn’t the mis-matched couple broken apart much earlier before things deteriorated to a breaking point? What’s the source of Jasmine’s bottomless well of rage, cruelty, and homicidal indignation? Did she have a hard childhood in Mexico that included abuse? We’ll have to rewind the tape once again to see what happened on all fronts. This is why babysitters need proper referrals.

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