Thirteen Indicted in Drug and Money Laundering Scheme in Jacksonville

Thirteen people were indicted last week, including Michael Rounsville, 46, in a drug and money laundering scheme in the amount of $700,000. All of the individuals, with the exception of one, have been released on bond pending court proceedings.

Two other individuals who were arrested on similar charges, Evanc Rajta and Diane Harrison, were in the court room with Rounsville the same day and also entered a not-guilty plea. Neither of the three attorneys agreed to comment on the arraignment.

Rounsville is currently pending termination from the Sheriff’s office and took a voluntary leave without pay.

Prosecutors are stating that several individuals planned to proceed with financial transactions from mid-2012 to early-2013 with profit made from distributing the drug ecstasy.

Documents that have been filed by a Jacksonville defense attorney state that Rounsville performed an unauthorized background check on an agent who was undercover after this agent gave another individual $700,000 who was involved with the operation of the distribution of drugs.

Rounsville was currently working in Zone 4, which is on the Westside of Jacksonville.

The others who were a part of the indictment are Maunel Rodriguez, Hedaar, Khlaf, Mollie Bass, Bruce Childs, Erick Estrada-Lopez, John Amell, Christian Magliano, Ilia Mato, Justin Downing and Vladimir Adunts, according to the U.S Attorney’s Office.

The Florida Department of State Division of Corporations noted that Adunts and Khlaf are listed as principal owners in three companies in Jacksonville – Done More Entertainment LLC, Global Cage Fighting Inc, and Foam Party LLC. Khlaf is also listed as the president of Syralb Empire Inc and Aqua Nightclub and Lounge that are both listed at the address of 11000 Beach Blvd.

Capitol Motors LLC is also owned by Khlaf and is located on Atlantic Boulevard.

Downing, Mato, Adunts, and Arnell have all been charged with the conspiracy to transmit wagering information related to internet gambling, and Rajta is being charged with the laundering of funds represented to be proceeds from the distribution of marijuana, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

William Daniels, the U.S. Attorney Spokesman, stated that Bass had been arrested the weekend before in York, Pa. She is in state custody awaiting to be transferred to federal custody.