Suspects Found Hiding Under Insulation in Warren Attic

Deputies in Warren, Ohio found two suspects with warrants hiding under the attic insulation in a Warren apartment building. Trumbull County Sheriff’s deputies were searching for 26-year-old Macy Wilson in order to arrest her. Wilson was thought to be living at the Warren Heights Apartments according to reports. Other building residents told police investigators that Wilson has been known to avoid arrest on previous occasions, and that she is a heavy drug user. The Warren police have been called several times about Wilson by residents of the apartment building.

The Search for Suspects

Police officers questioned a different man who was living in the apartment, who after much discussion admitted that Macy Wilson and her son, Joseph Bernard, Jr., were both hiding inside the same apartment. The man said that since he just got off of probation, he definitely didn’t want to get in trouble for hiding Wilson and her son. Then the police began a search into the apartment’s interior.

Noise from Above

Reports state that as the deputies were searching through all the rooms in the apartment, they heard an extremely quiet noise coming from the ceiling overhead. That noise prompted the deputies to go into the attic to search, where they found Wilson hiding near the building roof underneath the insulation. After being found, Wilson started uncovering her son, Joseph, who was already completely buried in the insulation.

Insulation is actually a good sound barrier for normal household use. However, it’s less effective of a sound barrier when police are looking for you and they are in the room directly below where you are hiding.

Ceiling Collapse

As a result of Wilson’s and Bernard’s combined weight, the ceiling collapsed into the apartment below causing the suspects to fall through the remainder of the ceiling into a bedroom. Not surprisingly, both Wilson and Bernard admitted to smoking crack cocaine before they decided to hide in the attic insulation. Therefore, they didn’t account for weight when they decided to hide in the attic insulation.

Suspects Arrested and Charged

At the end of this unusual incident, the Trumbull County Sheriff’s deputies charged Wilson and Bernard with resisting arrest and obstructing police business along with the previous charges that initiated the search.

Melissa Thompson
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