Strumming ‘The Last Waltz’ On The Kyron Horman Investigation!


On November 25, 1976 The Band performed The Last Waltz concert at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. They would go out in style, out with a Big Bang, and play their hearts out for the Ages; The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down could symbolize their departure from show business. Similarly, investigators in Portland, Oregon are playing their Last Waltz in terms of an attempt at solving the bewildering Kyron Horman missing person’s case.

Multnomah Poster of Terri, DeDe and truck
This poster was handed out last week to residents who live near Skyline Elementary School. Two of the photographs are my own, the middlecenter and the bottom-center.

Authorities would like another eye-witness to corroborate seeing this second person, while Terri Horman was in the school, supposedly with Kyron, at his science fair. This is important, because it suggests that a conspiracy was in place, where two adults were in cahoots with one another to kidnap little Kyron. What I find significant, is that the pickup truck was possibly moved up to a gravel path in front of the school’s playground.

Do investigators have a witness that noticed the truck had been moved? Did anyone notice it parked in this new location? Was a confederate working with Terri and was this person her friend DeDe Specher? Can any of the people at the school that day conceivably remember some of these crucial details? Sheriff’s Capt Jason Gates remembers exactly what he was doing on June 4th, why don’t others who were at the school?


One can’t help but wonder where investigators got this information about the white truck being moved in the morning? A groundskeeper for the Oregon school, Dave Stenson, denies seeing such a truck on that day of the science fair. And Dave found it to be a very normal day. Stenson told KATU: “It seemed like just a pretty normal day.”

If we are to believe this groundskeeper, then we have to question the location of the white F-250 being parked on the gravel road, plain in sight. “It would be impossible for me to either enter the field or exit the field if there was a car parked on the gravel road itself. I mean it would seem to me like I would have remembered, ‘Oh gee yeah,’ there was a big white truck in my way when I left that day. I would say I’m certain that it wasn’t there.”


Okay, so I don’t know how much further they can run with this theory. So what’s up with attempts at finding witnesses who may have seen the truck on one of these roads, from 10:15 and 11:30 AM on June 4th. This boils down to the authorities trying to verify Terri’s account of her whereabouts shortly after she departed from the school. She claims she was alone and was trying to find medication for her daughter at two Fred Meyer’s stores.

It’s like the cops have a GPS tracking device on Terri’s white pickup; they want to trace the vehicle on all of the pertinent roads where she would have had to travel. It’s a narrowing of her movements down these winding rural roads, and in a specific timeframe. And who in the world was so idle that they had nothing better to do than look out their window for this suspicious stranger driving wildly in search of possibly fictitious medication, and with another anonymous ‘red-headed stranger’ sitting ominously beside her?


Okay, I’m alright with this, why not? If just one person will come out and say they saw two people in the truck, then the police are coming closer to proving a conspiracy existed to kidnap Kyron. But this doesn’t prove it really, it only proves that Terri was lying about being alone. The roads in question are: Northwest Springville Road, on Skyline Boulevard between Springville and Newberry Road, along Old Germantown or Germantown Road. Someone must have seen something, somewhere, sometime on one of these roads. Or did they?

My problem is with the way investigators are trying to obtain this information. They are showing these photos of the truck parked at these various locations as if this was how it actually happened. That is, they have staged these various scenes with an identical truck, say, parked on the gravel road, to simulate what they think might have happened.

Therefore, this is highly suggestive to any potential witnesses, and specifically plants this image in their mind. It’s then not that far of a leap for them to believe that they remembered really seeing it, seeing the omnipresent white F-250 pickup truck we’ve heard so much about all along these past few months.

This could cause false or fictitious memories to surface in impressionable minds, or some deluded soul will manufacture such delusional recall believing that it will make them into a hero, who emerges out of nowhere to miraculously solve the Kyron Horman case.

I would call this a frame-up, if it happens, and the distribution of these suggestive photos is less than ethical in terms of a reliable investigative tool. When I saw these ‘staged photos’ the first thing that I thought of was the line up used for Lee Harvey Oswald, a pure patsy, if there ever was one!


Bruce McCain
Bruce McCain, an attorney and former Multnomah County detective, has shown a great amount of insight and common sense in the ongoing Kyron Horman investigation.

Also, I heard on JVM that the search may have not been for Kyron alone, but rather for discarded, disposable cell phones. Theories suggest that these disposable cell phones were purchased by Terri’s friends to help her disguise her communications with fellow conspirators, who were in on the crime of kidnapping and stowing away little Kyron to a remote location. As crazy as this sounds, Kaine and Desiree seem to believe this theory. One might remember, however, that many of Terri’s friends legitimately passed polygraph tests with flying colors.

The tip to search this remote area of Old Germantown Road must have come from DeDe Spicher, who’s feeling the heat from desperate prosecutors. DeDe is cornered now and must tell as much as she knows, resulting from her vast amount of contact and multiple conversations with Terri, in the days after Kyron went missing. Although one would have to conclude that she wasn’t all that specific about the exact place these items were stashed, since they didn’t come up with any goodies.


For a full nine weeks we have been incapable of dreaming up a possible motive for the stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, to do any harm to her stepson, Kyron Horman. Nonetheless, last week I heard on JVM that investigators are revealing that back in March, Terri was complaining at her gym that Kaine was trying to kick her sixteen year old son, James, out of the house.

It’s my understanding that this did happen, James was extricated, booted out on the street from the Horman household. This must have royally ticked off (pissed-off, teed-off) Terri; but one wonders whether it drove her Postal and into a homicidal rage? It could have. Remember, also, this was around the time that she put out a contract on Kaine, attempting to hire a landscaper to put the squeeze on poor Kaine. Now we can see this murder-for-hire in a much different light, if her own flesh and blood was to be cast out, like a big bag of trash, on the chilly streets of Portland!

So here we have Hebrew ethics capturing the focus on our picture screen; An Eye for An Eye, A Tooth for A Tooth. Thus Terri felt rage and revenge towards Kaine, and some of this antipathy may have been directed at Desiree as well. The possibility of sexual jealousy enters my mind, when comparing the biological mother to the once muscular, but now flabby physique of this puzzling mosaic of a woman. REVENGE is the strongest motive that has ever gripped any human being walking on our Planet Earth; this dates back to the Caveman Days of 10,000 B.C. If Terri’s sibling goes down, Kaine’s will have to pay too!

The Wall of Hope
The Wall of Hope can be whatever you want it to bea source of optimism, or a source for pessimism, as far as speaking for Kyron’s possible whereabouts.


The Wall of Hope is a curiosity and comprises an iron fence near the Skyline playground that functions as a working memorial for Kyron Horman. People from far and wide bedapple it festively, with balloons, ribbons, cards and even stuffed animals. Apparently, Kaine and Desiree take many of these items home and place them in Kyron’s lonesome bedroom. These stuffed animals and such mementos will graciously welcome him home when he finally returns from his unusual ordeals. This is a lovely gesture!

I’ve seen this Wall of Hope on TV broadcasts frequently and am amazed by the sentiment and public outpouring for the missing seven-year old boy. But could it take on a negative connotation, like a laurel wreath laid at the foot of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery? That is, we know he will never be found, but we maintain a facade of hope, in spite of this persistent trajectory of gloom and negativity.

This allows us to carry on in the face of adversity. Adversity, in this context, is simply the Big Kahuna of the Unknown. Not knowing the whereabouts of a child is often described as more painful than actually discovering that child’s remains. With the example of a decorated iron fence, we may really be looking at a ‘Wall of Hopelessness,’ yet in order to survive successfully, in a social-psychological fashion, we view this in an optimistic light.

Wednesday’s press conference from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office reinforced the fact that they ‘don’t have any evidence that Kyron’s not alive.’ With this in mind, we are more readily capable of projecting some optimism when gazing at this colorful memorial. If he’s still alive he’ll be able to receive these lovely gifts from so many caring strangers.

And one day last week many red balloons were placed here; obviously, red is Kyron’s favorite color. But The Great Wall of China conjures reminders of this very same hue. And would we be too far off the mark if we called this fence an ‘Iron Curtain of Dubiousness,’ in terms of it symbolizing a wide array of theories that might delineate the strangeness of doings, that glowed so brightly at this locale on June 4th.


When I think about Terri and DeDe together as friends, I think of the Charles Perrault version of Cinderella. Terri would have to be the wicked stepmother and DeDe one of the vain, rotten stepsisters. I must say, this is the way I perceive that the public and the police view these two. This is not, however, a way that I see them. Terri and DeDe have been demonized in the public eye, and not because any substantial body of evidence has come forth that particularly points to culpability on their part.

With this fairy tale of Cinderella acting as an analogous backdrop (to reference for your amusement), we arn’t able to see any obvious pumpkins, mice, rats or lizards sticking out like sore thumb at Skyline on June 4th. Just the opposite would seem to be the case. (Don’t forget) the groundskeeper has commented it was a very normal day, and Kyron’s science project seems to have been given a warm, fuzzy reception!

And where is the proverbial glass slipper left behind at the scene of the ‘supposed crime’? Nothing was left behind. Kyron vanishes into thin air around 9 AM. How did Terri and possibly DeDe get him out to the parking lot without anyone seeing them doing it? And why hasn’t anyone come forth in more than two months time to say they saw these “twin witches” cruising around these remote lanes of Portland, and pulling off the most sophisticated crime of the Twenty-First-Century? Maybe it wasn’t happening. Maybe all they were doing was cruising.

And perhaps Cinderella never went to the ball. And maybe the wicked stepmother and stepdaughter were NO SHOWS to this imaginary ball (science fair). The investigators represent the Prince who attempts to find the correct belle, whose dainty feet can easily slip into the glass slipper. But when they try to ease the gaudy clunkers of Terri and DeDe into the delicate slipper, it just won’t fit! Frustrating.

That is, they can’t find the pre-paid cell phones, can’t find anyone who saw them together on that busy morning of June 4th. There’s no trace of Kyron anywhere. We don’t even know whether he’s dead or alive! And DeDe probably left her gardening job earlier in the morning, but we have no way of tracing where she went. The glass slipper (in my analogy) is culpability, and it wasn’t meant to fit on the feet of these two social outliers.

And even if they could prove that these two were together in the truck on Old Germantown Road, how would that prove they did any harm to Kyron? It wouldn’t. It would still leave the investigation hanging in the wind, lacking a paddle to float upstream. The moral of Cinderella is that beauty is a treasure, but graciousness is priceless. Cinderella forgives the bad stepsisters and moves in with the rich Prince to live happily ever after. She can afford it now, so why worry about those two washed-up sea hags anyhow!

But in our twisted version of Cinderella, Desiree condemns the wicked witches to the eternal flames of hell and the investigators persecute and prosecute this odd couple with suggestive, staged fliers created to elicit a false confession from some sucker who hopes to make a name for themselves. Think: “the dirty little coward that shot Mr. Howard, and laid poor Jessie in his grave.”


Pat Brown JVM
Pat Brown makes lots of sense in saying that finding out what happened with the white pickup truck will not really matter, if noone ever saw Terri and DeDe dumping a body.

They are “desperadoes waiting for a train.” I was shocked and surprised on Wednesday when they pulled out those ridiculous photos of a mock Terri pick up truck parked on various rural roads. Is that all they got? Even if Terri and DeDe were driving around those roads, what does that prove? Nothing, that’s what.

The strains of my waltz are coming to a close also. My tune is a sad one, because this entire affair has been one BIG BUST! We are no closer to understanding what happened to Kyron than we were on the evening of June 4th. In fact we got off on the wrong path back in early June and are now permanently lost in the thickets and underbrush of coastal Oregon. Okay, so let’s go search the forest some more for DEAD CELL PHONES. Why not, the taxpayers pay for this wasted search anyway. DEAD END. EL FINO SWAN SONG.