Dr. Misch Exposes Ancient Gateway To Good Health

dr misch
Dr. Misch

Dr. Linda Misch, a licensed acupuncturist who comes from a long line of ancestry in Asian medicine encompasses acupuncture, herbal therapy, electric stimulation, massage, maxibustition, bleeding technique,cupping and ear acupuncture.

Dr. Misch’s ancient techniques have benefited thousands of individuals from the following: hypertension, depression/anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, migraines, asthma/sinusitis/allergies, cold/flu, overweight, sports injury, arthritis, sciatica, baldness/hair loss, non-surgical face-lifting, psoriasis/chronic skin sores, indigestion/constipation/diarrhea, herpes-2 infections, reproduction problems/infertility, ED/impotence, menopausal symptoms.

Originally from China, Dr.Misch graduated in 1994 as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from Shanghai: Second Military University. She also participated in published research on nerve injury and treatment that was accepted of the 18th Annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Surgeons. Although her background was based on Western Medicine, she has always followed The path of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which dates back over 3000 years. “This is one reporter who experienced a problem of fatigue. After meeting with Dr. Misch and receiving a short session of acupuncture, my energy level was up to that of the young man. In fact, it not only changed my outlook on life, it also lowered my blood pressure.”

Dr. Misch is true to her oath as a doctor. She cares about her patients and seeks to resolve the medical problems. After receiving her Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine at Alhambra Medical University and obtaining additional training from renowned practitioners in China, she has devoted her life to Traditional Chinese Medicine. For more information or to make an appointment, visit www.DRLINDAMISCH.com or call (213)787-3535.